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Tuesday Open Thread: October 12, 2021

Okay, I’ve been able to digest that last game now. It took a while.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Okay, so it’s been a couple days, and I’m finally able to process how I feel about Sunday’s win. To begin with, it IS a win. That seems like a simple statement, but it’s important. The Vikings should have won the Cardinals game, but they didn’t, so they got a notch in the L column. It doesn’t matter how well they played, doesn’t matter how the game ended, in the end, you either get an L or a W. On Sunday, the Vikings got a W. They’re now 2-3, and if.......IF.......they can get a W against the Panthers, they’ll be sitting at .500 going into the bye week.

Reasons that I’m encouraged at this point: The defense is looking better. They’re starting to play much better than they were in the first couple of games. Starting sometime early in the 2nd quarter of the Seahawks game until now, they’ve looked better and they’ve been improving. They still have work to do in defending the run, but overall, they’re showing improvement. I’m also encouraged by Justin Jefferson. Wow, what a player. I hope to see more of Darrisaw, he’s already an upgrade over Hill, and I think he’ll keep getting stronger as he gets more reps. I hope Dalvin Cook is mending, and will be back soon, because the offense needs him. If he’s going to be out for any length of time, I’d honestly love to see the Vikings sign AD again. If nothing else, the meltdown from some fans would be fun to watch. SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Chris doesn’t think Sunday felt like a win. I agree, but it DOES look like a win in the standings, so I’ll take it......for now.

GASkol brings us his Minnesota Vikings Weekly Player Recap: Week 5, 2021.

Other Vikings/NFL news and random oddities and annoyances:

As of now, the Colts are leading the Ravens by 8, here’s the box score from ESPN. I had picked this one for the Colts, then my dumb a** changed my pick. I should know better than that. Oh well, maybe the Ravens will pull it off.

The Atlanta Braves took a 2 games to one lead over the Brewers yesterday, here’s the recap courtesy of Now, the Braves just need to take care of business at home today, and they’ll move on to the next round where they’ll face the Dodgers.

Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

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With that, the bar light is on and the thread is open. Don’t forget to tip the cows, and try the tiger meat.