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Plays that Changed the Game: Week 6 Vikings at Panthers

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

There are small plays that change every game. It’s easy to forget some of them as the game goes along. I keep notes so I don’t forget.

1st Quarter

15:00 – CAR possession, 1st and 10 CAR 25, Breeland INT to start the game! Led to a FG. 3-0 Vikes

9:20 – MN possession, 2nd and 10 MN 35, Justin Jefferson fumbles and it leads to a TD for the Panthers on a short field. 7-3 Panthers

8:27 – Kickoff, Ameer Abdullah returns the kickoff to the 47 from the 2-yard line

7:43 – MN possession, 2nd and 7 at the 50, Kirk Misses a wide-open JJ for a deep TD. Vikes settle for a FG 7-6

1:12 – CAR possession, 2nd and 7 CAR 41, James Lynch with the sack to make it 3rd and 15.

2nd Quarter

12:56 – MN possession, 2nd and 3 CAR 45, Thielen 24-yard grab to get near the Red Zone. The Vikes take a shot on 2nd and short! Lead to TD. 12-7 Vikes

11:05 – 2 pt conversion after the Vikes TD is no good. Penalty brought the possession, down to the 1 for the attempt and the Vikes tried running up the middle. Cook almost turns it into 2 points bouncing outside but gets tackled by the shoestrings.

10:47 – CAR possession, 3rd and 10CAR 25, Roby Anderson drops a likely first down catch. 3 and out for the Panthers.

6:24 – CAR possession, 3rd and 10 at the 50, DJ Moore takes a short pass for 18 yards to get in FG range. 12-10 Vikes

2:00 – CAR possession, 1st and 10 CAR 27, 15 Yard penalty on Xavier Woods for a hit on a defenseless receiver. I thought it was a good call, unfortunately. Woods hit the receiver high on the chest with his shoulder. These days that is considered forceable contact with the head or neck area.

1:02 – CAR possession, 3rd and 15 MN 40, Offensive Holding on J. Miller. Moved theball back to the 50 when the play was good for 7 yards and got them in FG range. Carolina must punt.

0:23 – MN possession, 2nd and 10 MN 33, holding Garrett Bradbury. Stops the last-minute drive for points and the next play they run Cook to end the half. The Vikes were moving the ball and it was ruined by Bradbury.

3rd Quarter

14:55 – MN possession, 2nd and 10 MN 25, Holding Oli Udoh, sets the team back to 2nd and 17 on the opening drive of the 2nd half.

14:38 – MN possession, 2nd and 17 MN 18, Kirk throws the ball backwards to Cook and loses 9 yards. 3rd and 26 and time for a 3 and out to start the half.

11:41 – CAR possession, 3rd and 10 CAR 35, Holding on Mackenzie Alexander. Gives the Panthers a free first down on 3rd and long.

9:57 – CAR possession, 3rd and 15 CAR 36, holding on Bashaud Breeland. Gives the Panthers a free first down on 3rd and long.

6:49 – MN possession, 4th and 8 MN 24, kick is blocked for a TD after another 3 and out. Block was way too easy up the middle. 17-12 Panthers

5:28 – MN possession, 3rd and 1 MN 30, CJ Ham with a 30-yard run! He juked the safety out of his cleats! Lingerie on the floor.

4:48 – MN possession, 1st and 10 CAR 40, 24-yard pass to Conklin to get to the 16.

4:00 – MN possession, 1st and 10 CAR 16, Cook takes it in for the TD. 2 pt conversion no good. 18-17 Vikings

4:00 – CAR possession, 1st and 10 MN 25, Xavier Woods forces a DJ Moore fumble. Kendricks recovers the ball at the CAR 41.

3:51 – MN possession, 1st and 10 CAR 39, 35-yard pass to Thielen on what appears to be the same play that was missed to JJ earlier in the game.

2:24 – MN possession, 3rd and Goal CAR 5, Thielen TD from his knees! Great catch by Adam and if he doesn’t catch it, it is a likely FG for the team. 25-17 Vikes

4th Quarter

14:52 – MN possession, 1st and 10 MN 17, holding on Oli Udoh brings the ball back to the MN 9

14:26 – MN possession, 1st and 18 MN 9, 17-yard pass to JJ. Huge play in a situation the usually leads to a MN punt, makes it 2nd and 1. (which of course we run the next play and lose a yard).

13:02 – MN possession, 3rd and 2 MN 25, 26-yard-deep pass to JJ to get to the CAR 49. JJ keeps the drive going. The Vikes take a shot on 3rd and 2 and are rewarded with a big play.

12:31 – MN possession, 1st and 10 CAR 49, Cook runs for 23 yards to the CAR 26, he fumbles, but Thielen is there to recover at the 24. (Almost a big negative play) FG good a few plays later 28-17 Vikes

9:05 – CAR possession, 2nd and 10 CAR 30, Dalvin Tomlinson gets the sack, but is called for a face mask. It wasn’t a face mask, but he did hit him in the head, which is a no-no on the QB. Either way it ends up the same, 1st and 10 from CAR 45.

8:36 – CAR possession, 2nd and 10 CAR 45, Armon Watts with the sack and forced fumble. Fumble recovered by Tomlinson. MN possession, at the CAR 38!

7:05 – MN possession, 4th and 4 CAR 32, Greg Joseph misses the 50-yard FG after a 3 and out from the Vikings offense. Vikings took a shot to Thielen on 3rd and 4 the play before and it didn’t work.

7:00 – CAR possession, 1st and 10 CAR 40, Sam Darnold runs for 30 yards the play after the missed FG. Instantly gets the ball moving and shifts momentum.

6:09 – CAR possession, 2nd and 6 MN 26, Brandon Zylstra for 21 yards down to the 5. It seems inevitable a TD is coming, but a solid hold from the 5-yard line for a FG. 28-20 Vikes

4:41 – MN possession, 1st and 10 MN 25, Tyler Conklin with the 40-yard catch and run. 2nd big play of the game.

3:05 – MN possession, 3rd and 8 CAR 33, we all know what is coming. Instead of going for the kill shot, the team runs the ball with Cook for -3 yards. The team decides to punt the ball instead of a long FG.

2:18 – MN possession, 4th and 16 CAR 41, after a purposeful delay of game penalty Jordan Berry perfectly punts the ball and it is downed at the 4. This will make the Panthers drive 96 yards in a little over 2 minutes.

1:54 – CAR possession, 4th and 10 CAR 4, after 3 straight incompletions, Darnold hits a bomb on 4th and 10 for 41 yards to get to the CAR 45.

0:51 – CAR possession, 4th and 6 MN 32, another big play on 4th down for 25 yards. The ball is downed at the MN 7 and leads to a TD.

0:42 – CAR 2 pt conversion, easy shovel pass up the middle converts for 2. 28-28, Carolina gets the conversion it needs after MN fails twice.

0:38 – MN possession, 2nd and 6 MN 29, Kirk scrambles for 16 yards to get the first down and gets out of bounds. We’re in business now!

0:06 – MN possession 2nd and 10 CAR 29, Greg Joseph misses the potential game winning 47-yard FG. OT coming.


10:00 – Coin Toss, Vikes win and get the ball first. 1st and 10 from the MN 25. Do they win if this coin toss goes to the Panthers?

8:29 – MN possession, 3rd and 3 MN 43, KJ Osborn for 13 yards converts for the first down. A miss there and it is punt time and likely losing time.

7:11 – MN possession, 2nd and 6 CAR 40, Dalvin Cook rushes for 16 yards in his last play of the game. Huge to get the team closer and not relying on a long FG to win again.

5:55 – MN possession, 2nd and 13 CAR 27, KJ Osborn for the game winning TD! KJ makes the nice play to stretch over the pylon for the win! It shouldn’t have come to this.

That’s a lot of big plays late in the game. Vote for your biggest play below. Probably another obvious choice this week.


What was the biggest play this week?

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  • 1%
    Breeland INT to open the game
    (12 votes)
  • 7%
    Blocked Punt for a TD to give Carolina the lead
    (56 votes)
  • 15%
    4th and 10 Conversion on the Game-tying drive
    (117 votes)
  • 5%
    Missed Game Winning FG at the end of the 4th
    (39 votes)
  • 70%
    KJ Osborn Game-Winning TD Catch
    (533 votes)
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