Bailed out again by KC.

Homers gonna homer, but the truth cannot be tossed aside for blind allegiance to their great leader. I mean he cannot put teams away for nothing. 2 weeks in a row he had games wrapped up and he went all Zim and got conservative, allowing his opponent to come back. That is a HUGE issue, even if we won. It never ends.

The Panthers did not even have Mccaffery!

But, like I have said, we have great talent. Just a pop warner coach. I will take the win today, but its on KC we won.

Homers save your clapback garbage spin. I just had a massive homer clown tell me Zim is the greatest coach ever! I am ok with that..its his truth. But that is the mentality around here. No thanks.

Positives: We put it up on that D which has been tough. Our team clearly excels at the opposite of Zims strategy: Use the pass to soften the run. I think we have a gem in Osborne. They got Herndon involved, found AT and JJ for big plays. We have a lot of weapons. And they shined like diamonds today.

Can anyone explain the 4th qrtr defense?? Imagine trying this shit the last 2 weeks against Baltimore, Queen Bay, or other tough games cannot take your foot off the gas pedal. This is why Zim is a chump. He does not have the mental fortitude or the huavos to keep moving forward. Instead its like we are up 3, lets protect it and run. That is a losing strategy, at least the way he does it, and that is evident in his losing record against teams above .500 and beat downs in the playoffs.

I know, DOOM DOOM DOOM. Well, to me and a lot of others who watch the game its TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. I have ragged on Zim for 3 years now, but he makes it easy! Keeps doing the same crap over and over again, which makes him am easy target. If he wanted to rely on kicking so much, he should have kept Carlson or had Rick offer multiple number 1's for Tucker.

I do think we have a good team. Just poorly coached, poorly prepared. Its ALWAYS something. Today it was ST and poor defense when it counted. But man does KC throw some some passes or what? Free KC!

What will this same exact team with a few tweaks look like with a real coach??

Maybe on this off week, they figure it all out and make a huge run, that would be sweet. Anything is possible.

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