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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 6 (Panthers)

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Who do you think is a nincompoop this week? This is supposed to be fun, relax and enjoy.

Carolina Panthers WRs - Why are they nincompoops? I think there were at least 7 or 8 drops by the receiving corps for the Panthers. It is likely the reason the Vikings even won the game at all. It is hard to get into a rhythm on offense if you can’t complete a basic pass. Roby Anderson and DJ Moore did not do Sam Darnold any favors. Those two combined for 8 receptions on 24 targets. DJ Moore piled on with a fumble too. Very weak performance when they needed to step up with Christian McCaffrey out.

Carolina Panthers’ Training Staff - Why is the staff nincompoops? Their best player is now on IR because they tried to rush him back from a hamstring injury too fast. You have to protect the player from themselves at this point. The Vikings, thankfully, let Dalvin take a week off last week and it helped. Carolina should’ve waited and now they will be without their MVP caliber player for a long time. Season looks to be over for the once 3-0 Panthers.

Mike Zimmer - Why is Mike a nincompoop? Is there anyone worse with a lead than Mike Zimmer? Personnel has changed, OCs have changed, but one thing stays constant, the Vikings inability to finish off games. The team nearly lost with an 11 point lead with under 5 minutes left to play. 4th and 10 and his defense doesn’t seem to know where they’re supposed to be. Also, when Kirk is lighting a team up for 400 yards, let him play. Take the reigns off. I don’t know if it is Zim going conservative or the OC, but they are both under his purview. You would think with his history of field goal kickers he would learn to stop playing for FGs.

Oli Udoh - Why is Oli a nincompoop? Oli had 3 holds and a false start on Sunday. He also couldn’t block anyone. The entire interior OL is really bad and the offense has been able to overcome it other than the Browns and Bengals games. Watching this team run up the middle is about as fun as a root canal. I felt bad for Oli because he is from the Carolina area and had 50 family members in the stands. Overall PFF Grade 40.3 was the worst on the team and I thought it could’ve been lower.

Greg Joseph - Why is Greg a nincompoop? We all know he is physically capable of making 50+ yard kicks. He mentally cannot seem to take the pressure of kicking. The game against Arizona was lost because of his ineptness and this game almost was too. Missing one kick happens, but missing multiple kicks in a game can’t. It happens too often and the team can’t just hope he has a good day today. Get out of your own head Greg and just make the darn kick. I thought about putting the entire special teams unit on this list. Back to back holding penalties on punts and a blocked kick for a TD. Pathetic this week. Wonder why the offense had so many yards? Because they started deep in their own territory every possession.




  1. a foolish or stupid person.

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Mike Zimmer - 34%

Bashaud Breeland - 33%

Klint Kubiak - 24%

Alexander Mattison - 6%

Ga Skol - 3%


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    Oli Udoh
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