The Cousins conundrum

Before you read further this is not intended as a critique of Kirk Cousins but a personal evaluation of where the Vikings find themselves.

Our QB is having a decent season even though we are .500. I don't think any of the losses are on him and he has a pct of 69.5% with 13TDs and 2Ints. About time some might say. At the age of 33 he is not old but if not renegotiated his contract next year will cost $45m. As he continues to play well, if we extend or resign it will be at the top of the market. And as with any resigning, no guarantee against regression. Of course the wheels make come off if the spectre of COVID-19 appears and his apparent desire not to be vaxinated, whilst a personal choice does not sit well with being a team player.

Do we already have the QBOTF in Kellen Monds? Bringing back Sean Mannion does not inspire confidence.

Many have said that the 2022 QB class is weak, and it would appear that may be correct. Matt Corral seems to have stepped up so he'll be drafted high but Malik Willis has hit a few bumps in the road, Sam Howell has been unconvincing, Spencer Rattler has been benched and may return to school, whilst this seasons breakout star Kenny Picketts is more a game manager.

So Cousins stays ... but do we now ride out his contract or extend with our fingers crossed, using 2022 to strengthen elsewhere?

And if we ride out his contract and look to start anew, what is the 2023 class looking like?

Spencer Rattler might have turned it around and if he does this will be character building and a sign he can succeed in the NFL. DJ Uiagalelei might have overcome his current bout of the yips, and the Clemson coaching staff found a way to use his skills instead of trying to squeeze him into the Clemson current offense which seems to be banging a square peg into a round hole, Jeff Sims might continue to product 'the next big thing performances' whilst CJ Stroud may continue his development curve.

But I wonder how many armchair experts would wish to be in Spielman's chair right now? To extend or not to extend, to draft or not to draft, to wait or not to wait.

It promises to be an interesting few months off the playing field

NB* For what it is worth I'd roll the dice, let Cousins play out his contract and make the call at the end of the 2022 season even with his huge final year contract, hampering what the team might do next season. Worse can scenario is he could be hit with the franchise tag.

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