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SB Nation Reacts: The roller coaster is back!

And we apologize for the delay

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

After a delay that was longer than it should have been, we are back with the results of our SB Nation Reacts surveys for the 2021 season. My apologies for not having these posted, but we’ll get through what we’ve had for results every week leading up to now and will continue to have the results each week going forward.

As we’ve seen with the Reacts in the past, it’s usually a bit of a roller coaster for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans as the season goes along. This season, to this point, has been no exception, as you can see from the chart for the year.

Here’s a full breakdown of the week-by-week results of the surveys. This is the percentage of fans that think the Vikings are going in the right direction.

  • Post-2021 NFL Draft: 96%
  • Week 1: 61%
  • Week 2: 34%
  • Week 3: 38%
  • Week 4: 76%
  • Week 5: 14%
  • Week 6: 24%
  • Week 7: 36%

Everyone was riding pretty high after the victory over Seattle in Week 3. . .and then everyone pretty much crashed out after the loss to Cleveland in Week 4. Victories over Detroit and Carolina have bumped things up a little bit, but maybe we’re not going to see the usual huge swings from week to week until the Vikings give everyone something to be a little more excited about.

If you want to be a part of the group that votes on these every week, you can sign up to be a part of the SB Nation Reacts surveys right here.

Again, we’ll be doing these pretty much every week going forward so that people can get an immediate gauge of how fans are feeling about the purple. What do you think of the reactions so far, folks?

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