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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Browns at Vikings

Let’s talk about today’s game!

Week 4 is in the books for the Minnesota Vikings, and we’re here to talk about everything we just saw between the Vikings and the Cleveland Browns on this week’s edition of Vikings Report Rewind LIVE.

You can watch the show on the embedded widget below, or you can go to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube Channel to watch it there and chat along with other viewers. We do try to look at the comments during the show, so you might even get a shout out during the live stream.

We talk about everything we saw this afternoon at U.S. Bank Stadium, whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or otherwise. We will be here every week just minutes after the game (as Drew and Ted are kind enough to wait for me to get the recap up before we get the show started) to either celebrate or commiserate each week’s result.

So, feel free to come on in and join us to talk about this week’s game, folks!