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CTP’s In The Huddle - Here We Go Again

Jayson and Myles get into an engaging conversation about how the Vikings keep repeating their close loss results. 

Your Minnesota Vikings fell again in a close game to the Baltimore Ravens. Every game this season with the one exception of the victory over the Seattle Seahawks has been this way… close. How does the old saying go? “Playoff teams find a way to win close games.” The Vikings have won 2 and lost 5 of those. Fans see the fast starts and the inevitable stall for the rest of the game until they need a come from behind last-second drive. What is going on in between those times? Why are they consistently happening over and over again, week after week? The second game of this coast-to-coast road trip is looming against the Los Angeles Chargers. Will anything change or will we continue the season’s earned frustration theme of “Here We Go Again”? Jayson and Myles will try to tackle these issues with you, the fan.

On tonight’s show…


  • - It’s literally the same sh*t for this team for 7 weeks now.
  • - Lack of accountability from Kirk Cousins.
  • - Make the case for _______ to stay.
  • - Rick Spielman
  • - Mike Zimmer
  • - Kirk Cousins
  • - Why couldn’t the Vikings put the Ravens away?
  • - The difference between the first and second halves.
  • - Open forum

Fan with us!!! Come join the @Climb_ThePocket Network’s and @DailyNorman’s “In The Huddle” show with host Jason Brown @brownjayson, Myles Gorham @MylesGorham85, and producer Dave @Luft_Krigare from the truck.