Being a great QB is not just about throwing a football. You know that right?

Yes I'm back with another Kirk bashing post. Why now??? Well, it honestly shocks me that some people on Daily Norseman still defend this guy. To a lesser extent, it surprises me that some are afraid to move on, but I won't address that here.

Ok, to start off, let's all agree on something:

Kirk Cousins is fantastic at throwing the football.

If being an NFL QB was only about throwing a football, we'd have a great one. He throws a nice ball and is fairly accurate.

I feel the problem arises when we discuss all of the other aspects of what makes an ELITE QB. As everyone knows, Kirk is being paid to be Elite. Let's look at some of those aspects:

- Audibles: I loved watching Peyton back in the day. He basically didn't need an OC. He diagnosed defenses and changed plays as necessary. He also ran the 2 min drill basically on his own. Peyton was the best at this, but all Elite QBs have this in them. Winning a snap in the NFL has a ton to do with your pre-snap decisions. Kirk either doesn't do this or is really bad at it.

- Protections: The Elite NFL QBs change protections as necessary. They diagnose the defense presnap and change what the OL is to do. Kirk has admitted recently he doesn't do this. The Centre is the one who calls the protections and he rarely overrides. Again, fine for a rookie QB, but not for a 10 yr vet being paid to be Elite. Oh and guess what happens when you change your protections properly? The offensive line is better because you put them in a position to succeed.

- Leadership: Do the guys in the locker room trust you, want to fight with you, will throw themselves under the bus for you... hell, even like you? I'm ready to admit Teddy is an avg QB, but man does that guy own a locker room. Russell Wilson may not be going for beers with the guys as he's just weird, but the team sure as hell respects his ability, energy and positivity. You can argue this one if you'd like, but I pay closer attention than most to interviews, podcasts, etc and I don't believe Kirk has this at all. He's tolerated by the team.

- Calmness: If the game gets tough, is the QB a steady hand that you trust will lead you to victory. I would say that most QBs don't have this, but the Elite QBs do. I don't believe Kirk has this either. Hell, Kirk doesn't even call timeouts when he needs to. He leaves that to the coaches.... give me a break Mr. Elite.

So, again, if the position were just about throwing a ball, then I'd be fine running with Kirk. Also, let's not pretend like this guy is young and can learn this stuff. Kirk is 33 years old and has been in the NFL for 10 years! This is who he is. He's a guy that throws a great ball, so when things go to plan, he IS Elite. Problem is, that's just not good enough, because all the good teams will do something to disrupt you. This is why his record against good teams is just awful.

I understand drinking the purple happy juice. You want to believe in your team. I want to believe in the Vikings again too!! I'd much rather take a chance on a young QB and have the cap space to put a great team around that young QB. Please stop defending Kirk. The only way that he's an Elite QB is in the cap space he takes up.

P.S. #FireZimmer

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