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Skoldiers - 090 - Looking for a Spark

Heading into a battle with the Chargers, assessing what the team is

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike and Ed discuss the Vikings state, Zimmer’s seat temperature, refreshing the culture, and preview the Chargers game.

3-5 Record

  • Disappointing for what this team has for weapons
  • Squandered defensive efforts
  • Coaching failures costing games
  • Player execution direct result of 2 losses

Mike Zimmer

  • Should he stay on for the year?
  • What will it take for him to be retained?
  • Why have Zimmer teams failed to close games?
  • Thumbs on the offensive scheme?

GM to stay?

  • Assessing Rick Spielman
  • Decent hit rate on draft picks
  • Elite contract negotiation and cap navigation

Chargers preview

  • Built similar to the Vikings
  • History similar to Vikings in losing close games
  • Could be a matchup where you need to score a boatload of points to be competitive
  • Justin Jefferson needs to have a game

Weird Season

  • Setting all the wrong records
  • Unable to close games
  • One game decided by more than 7 points
  • Five games decided in OT or on the last play of the game


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