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Week 10 NFL Early Games Discussion

Watching while we wait

NFL: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we get to wait to watch the Minnesota Vikings take on the Los Angeles Chargers until the late afternoon window of games, but there’s plenty of NFL action that will be taking place before the game that matters kicks off. That can only mean one thing.

That’s right. . .for us, it’s yet another modified, limited RED ZONE SUNDAY here at The Daily Norseman. We can just kick back, relax, and watch games that really don’t matter for a few hours before our game kicks off, and we’re going to be doing that right here.

Here’s a full look at the games in the early window on both major networks, courtesy of the folks from 506 Sports.

Early Games on CBS

Early Games on FOX

The areas shaded in blue and in orange on the FOX map both represent games in the late afternoon window. CBS has the doubleheader this week.

We’re just about thirty minutes from kickoff for the early games, folks. If you’re going to be watching the game, hang out and talk about it right here! We’ll have more coverage of our game coming soon, starting with the inactive lists coming at around 1:30 PM Central time.