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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 10 (Chargers)

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Who do you think is a nincompoop this week? This is supposed to be fun, relax and enjoy.

LA Chargers Twitter People - Why are they nincompoops? Prior to the game they felt the need to tweet their belief Keenan Allen > Justin Jefferson. JJ was coming off a few less than spectacular games. JJ was the best player on the field. After one play he flipped the ball to Keenan Allen on the sidelines. Another play he helmet came off and he flexed. JJ looked pumped and ready to go from kickoff. Keenen Allen had a pretty good game, JJ was better. It wasn’t just stats, some of those catches he made were unbelievable. Good natured fun on twitter between the teams two official accounts. The Vikes twitter folks get to have fun this week.

1st Half Kirk Cousins - Why was 1st Half Kirk a nincompoop? Thielen was open on a handful of plays and they ended up with dump offs and small gains. Mike Zimmer said he stepped in at half and told Kirk to be more aggressive and push it down field. 4 out of 5 3rd down and 6+ yards were converted when Kirk targeted JJ. Kirk pushed the ball downfield and it was clearly the better option. The plays were there to be made in the first half and Kirk was timid. I’ve revied the tape and that is my opinion. I think the coaching was superb this game and the 2nd half adjustment by Zim to have his QB push the ball down the field won the game. Kubiak/Zim have been the weekly top choics, but not this week. Kudos to 2nd half Kirk too :-).

Oli Udoh - Why is Oli a nincompoop? Two more holding penalties this week. The first was a bit questionable, but the 2nd was a clear call. He put the team behind the sticks and normally that ends up in a punt. This week the team was more aggressive and actually converted for 1st downs after both penalties. Normally Udoh is an effective blocker that gets some penalties. This week he was poor all around. It happens with young OL, but the penalties are too consistent.

Stan Kroenke - Why is Stand a nincompoop and why is he on this week’s article? Stan is the owner of the LA Rams and the man behind the master plan of the football stadium and surrounding area in LA. He owns a large number of sports teams including Arsenal of the Premier league (and the Women’s equivalent), Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids (MLS) and some other video game teams. The stadium they built is nice and the entire project costs $5-6B. I’ve never been inside but I’ve walked around the outside. I’ve heard several reporters reporting the same thing. Nice stadium, but US Bank Stadium is better. US Bank is the best stadium I’ve seen and it sounds almost unanimous even amongst non-Viking reporters. The Wilfs/State did not come close to splurging as much as Kronke did, but that stadium in MN is just better. I like to point that our team that we root for has a kick ass stadium and not just because they spent more than everyone else. Also, WTF do we need two teams in LA when they’ve lost franchises before. Boo Stan for taking them away from St. Louis.

I’m really struggling to come up with more. I forced in two Vikings players, but the coaching and play was solid on the road against a pretty good team (not great team). Chargers didn’t do anything stupid, they just got beat by a better team on Sunday. I will say Kudos to both teams for playing a clean game with limited stupid mistakes. It was a fun game to watch and re-watch for more detail.




  1. a foolish or stupid person.


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