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The Daily Norseman Mailbag

The better late than never mailbag

FBL-FRA-REFEREE-FEATURE Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images

You have questions, I have answers....a wrong answer is still an answer.

Good Morning!

Before we get to the lighthearted nonsense that is The Daily Norseman Mailbag, a (very) brief explanation from me on why I haven’t been posting the mailbag and have been mostly absent (at times) from the comments in the News and Links Open Thread.

I have a family member in my household who has a chronic illness that exacerbates from time to time, he’s been in and out of the hospital since last summer and had an acute event at the start of the season which consumed all of my time at home (and some at work).

He’s home now and for the moment doing well, I’m going to try and get the mailbag posted every other week consistent with my schedule, but if he ends up in the hospital again it’s likely I won’t be able to do the mailbag for that time period.

This season is NOT going as I predicted, it’s hard to search comments in Coral but I think I had losses to the Browns and Cowboys to this point. What do you think has been the number one factor in the Vikings 4-5 start?

For the moment the “Fire Zimmer” crowd is somewhat muted after last week’s win, what do you think the Wilf’s decision will be regarding Zimmer if the Vikings make the playoffs?

Speaking of firing someone, I think GM Rick Spielman’s job is in jeopardy as he is the architect of this team. If the Vikings don’t make the playoffs will the Wilfs clean house?

It’s Packer week and of course the Vikings opened as underdogs in their own building. Is it unrealistic to think the Vikings will beat the Packers this weekend and what has to happen for this to come to fruition?

The interior of the offensive line continue to be underwhelming. Mason Cole played last weekend and looked good but not great. Is it time to start Cole for the rest of the season?

Camryn Bynum has been somewhat of a surprise filling in for the Hitman. Is Bynum the future and is it time to say goodbye to the Hitman this offeason?

Danielle Hunter is out for the season again, how are the Vikings going to replace his pressures from the edge?

Give me your offensive and defensive MVP for the Vikings to this point.

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Preferably, you can leave a comment in this post, I’ll revisit it later in the week.

If you’re like me and hate social media, drop me an email....dailynorsemanmail at gmail dot com (the period and @ is removed to prevent harvesting by bots).

My plan is to get this to get this pulled together in the next couple of days and have it ready to post Friday morning or early afternoon.