Okay... that title was kinda clickbait.

In my defense, I want you to know that i changed the title ...which was going to be:


... because, you know... it's packer weak.

(pun intended)

And actually, my original title was going to be "ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR"... but i thought i might get beat up by people who are upset that I was talking about Christmas because Halloween is barely over and Thanksgiving hasn't gotten here yet.

Sooooooooooooo i went with PLUNGE THE pack... because this post is actually about something WAY more important that spending $300 on 1 share of bull#### stock... i mean. Sigh... I promised myself, i wouldn't be negative about that silliness.

If you would be so kind... please allow me to start over.

Hi purple friends... My name is Admiral BigGun.



Some of you know me fairly well... some of you are still mad about clicking on the title and not seeing more bad things being posted about the packers.

Awww shoot.

(shakes head) I'm going down that hole again.

(takes a step back, and is now more positive)

I wanted to stop in and thank those of you who have been so *FAN-tastic (*patent pending trademark) in the past few seasons in supporting Special Olympics MN

As you know, with all the craziness last year... raising $$$ for this great cause was very difficult, but, THANKS TO YOU ALL at the DN the Purple Plungers were able to crush our goal and meet the challenge.


This year is even more weird.

Yeah... some things are somewhat better (we are allowed to have spectators this year) but some people are still pretty apprehensive and tight with the wallet due to uncertain supply chain issues, holidays / inflation / etc. >>>NOTE: this is NOT in any way a political comment... just an observation of what is.

The need to make things "normal" for our special athletes in MN is my priority.

I am CONFIDENT.... that the good folks at the Daily Norsemen are up for the challenge.

If you are able... Please consider kicking in what you can.


No REALLY.... $25 bucks.... $4 bucks.... $17bucks ....

whatever you can would be most appreciated.





With your help, In 2018 we were able to raise over $1200.00
In 2019 with your help we raised over $1500.00
In 2020 you helped us raise over $4000.00
Last year, in 2021 you got me over $3K and our team raised over $8500.00 !!!!

This year I hope that we can raise that bar to $10.000.00.


if you get me to my goal i will post a video of me jumping into the ICE COLD FRIGID WATER of Northern MN.

want a sneak peek of what this is all about... check this video out: Horned Hatted ABG can be seen at the beginning of this video:

Sorry the editing is weird now... so here is the link: (Click the photo)


Wondering what all this is about?

The Polar Plunge is the biggest fundraiser for Special Olympics Minnesota. All funds raised by Plungers help Special Olympics Minnesota provide year-round training and services to thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities across the state.

The Polar Plunge is presented by the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a movement of volunteers dedicated to increasing awareness and funds for Special Olympics Minnesota athletes across the state.

Wondering where the money goes?

Thank you in advance. BOOOOOO packers.


Lets make this year ULTRA SPECIAL!

Thinking about plunging? I would love that. :-D

Send me a PM. I would welcome your help. Feb 5th, we are jumping in Otter Tail County MN. That's about 1 hour east of Fargo, ND, or about three hours North West of the Twin Cities.

Hate the cold? Yeah... I feel you. more than you know.
Donate here:

Think ABG is a huge jerk, but still want to give to SOMN? Well i'm not going to argue... but pick someone else on the team and donate. The athletes are worth your help:

Want to come watch?



Don't sit on the sidelines right now... we need you. Please help if you can. I appreciate you.

PS. ALSO.. if someone could show me how to embed videos into posts now... that would be swell.

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