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Vikings make no moves at NFL Trade Deadline

Hashtag as expected

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

With the events of the past 48 hours or so, it was a fair question for fans of the Minnesota Vikings to ask whether the team would be “buyers” or “sellers” at the NFL’s trade deadline, which came at 3:00 PM Central today.

Barring a last-second announcement, the answer appears to be “neither.”

In what’s turned out to be a pretty anticlimactic day for most of the league, the Vikings have not announced that they have either traded for or traded away any players or draft picks prior to today’s deadline.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. . .the NFL Trade Deadline bears little resemblance to the trading deadlines in most of the major sports. Sure, yesterday we saw a huge deal where the Denver Broncos traded star pass rusher Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams, but deals like that are pretty rare. There usually just aren’t huge difference-makers that are made available for trade during the course of an NFL season. . .again, with the rare exception.

So, the Vikings will be rolling the rest of the way with who they’ve got on their roster and practice squad as it stands today. It’s not the most exciting news that we could potentially bring you, but it is news in any case.