NFL Week 10 Recap: High Voltage

Finally. After 8 straight games of predicting what their record would be, I'm wrong. I had the Chargers winning this game, and one thing I've seen all week is that 'The Vikings won, which prove the Chargers aren't a good team.'. I'm sorry, but that narrative is false. The Chargers are a good team, but they are young in a lot of places. They have a lot of talent, but lack the experience, and it showed at times during the game. But make no mistake, inexperience doesn't prevent you from being good. It just means that you are going to make mistakes that more experienced people won't. And those mistakes cost the Chargers quite a bit.

I wil admit, I didn't watch the game on Sunday. A friend who's been gone for a few months came back to Minnesota, and my friends and I spent the day with him, so I didn't know much of the story of the game. But I did make note of one that I saw: Kirk Cousins played different in the 1st and 2nd half of the game. Upon watching the game, he did. In the first half, he was tentative with the ball, but there were flashes, especially the pass to Jefferson where he threaded a needle into triple coverage (more of that, please).

I also heard that Mike Zimmer told Kirk that he needed to throw the ball further down the field at the half. For a coach that I will knock for a numerous amount of reasons, he did something that I think alot of us do knock him for. He got into the ear of his quarterback and told him to be more aggressive. We knock him a lot for not wanting to get involved on the offensive side of the ball, or wanting to be conservative all the time, yet if he is telling the truth, he did both of those things. The Vikings actually looked like a good football team, like they did Weeks 1 and 2. If they can keep up this version of the team, then I see good things in the future. But, they haven't been able to keep consistency, and now they have to take on one of the best teams in the league. A solid win, not a fluke but a legitimate victory, can go a long way to changing people's minds.


Week 10 Predictions:

  • Week 10 Predictions: 3-13 (ouch)
Yeah, this was an absolutely horrible week in terms of predictions, but I will take solace in that I correctly predicted two of the more surprising upsets last week, WFT and Carolina. Now, had the Lions actually beat the Steelers, that would've made everything better, but I digress.
  • 2021 Regular Season Predictions: 78-81
For the 1st time all year, I'm below .500. Fantastic.


Week 11 Predictions:

As you can see, on September 1st, I had predicted that the Vikings would lose this upcoming game, which would put us down 3-7, effectively ending the season. But now, if the Vikings were to win this game, they could very well control their destiny going forward. But, I think we can all agree, that we can throw out the season so far, and all wish for one thing: that the Vikings blow the fucking doors off the Packers.

I will not have any revised picks, as I'm fairly sure that everything here is probably the best bet. I did last week and the two games I did revise my prediction on, they went the way I didn't expect.

  • September 1st Regular Season Predictions: 78-81
  • Revised Predictions: 6-8
  • Week 1: 8-8
  • Week 2: 11-5
  • Week 3: 12-4
  • Week 4: 12-4
  • Week 5: 9-7
  • Week 6: 4-12
  • Week 7: 5-11
  • Week 8: 6-10
  • Week 9: 8-7
  • Week 10: 3-13

For those who want to make their own predictions, I use this: NFL Playoff Predictor.

I am interested to see what you're opinions are of the game the Vikings had, as well as what you expect for the next week of football, not just from the Vikings, but around the entire league. Do you have any upsets in mind for this coming week, or are things going to be quite predictable?

Question for the readers: Where do you believe the line is drawn for Zimmer and Spielman, in terms of expectations from the Wilfs? Is it one line for both, or does each man have their own line to meet?

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