The Rundown: Player by Player Observations from the Vikings VICTORY Over the green pond scum

This was a memorable one. It was a fun game. For us. It was miserable for the Packers and their fans. More on that in a minute.

We are 5-5 and in the "driver's seat" for a wildcard spot. We control our own destiny but, of course, there will be losses in the next 7 games so it is too early to go with "we control our destiny." In fact... forget I mentioned it.

Among those 10 games there were 7 winning teams. We've only faced 3 non-winning teams: Seahawks, Lions, and Panthers, although the Panthers are close and were a winning team when we faced them. We won all three games. Versus winning teams we are 2-5. Or 3-5 if you include the Panthers as per winning at the time of the game.

You can see we've had a difficult schedule. One of the toughest. As well, we played the losses tight. Two OT losses (Bengals, Ravens), and a last second winning FG miss (Cardinals). Even the Browns and Cowboys games were close.

One reason I go over the record of our opponents is to get some perspective -- we are better than the average 5-5 team. Also, to address this won-loss over winning teams stat thing that some people like to harp on. That stat is a fallacy, a rabbit hole that leads no where logical. Winning teams beat their opponents more often than they lose. It is about 2 to 1 based on the average record of a winning team being about 11-5.

Everyone loses more to winning teams. It's a "No duh" kind of thing. When you cannot support your argument for a HC change with the actual full record and resort to stilted talk of record vs. winning teams, it is deceptive. You are arguing that a coach who loses to losing teams and gets more wins than average vs. winning teams is better than a coach who beats more losing teams and instead loses to winning teams. I mean... do you really want a coach that loses more than he should to inferior teams?

Just look at the actual record, take in strength of schedule, account for injuries and unusual hardships, look at relative talent level of the roster, and now you have a direct fairer way of judging HC performance.

Make no mistake, with the upheaval and injuries on D, youth of the team, and the murderer's row schedule, Mike Zimmer and his coaching staff have done an excellent job.

Those gunning for Zim will need to lay in the weeds and look for some other unusual partial picture deceptive stat to try to misguide others.

We see a coach who is willing and able to change and adapt. We see a coach who is deeply respected by the players. We see a coach who can win a game under the most difficult of circumstances. Can, not always will. No coach always will. Zim took the team, in the playoffs, in to New Orleans against stiff odds and facing what many believed to be the most talented team that year and led our team to OT victory. As did Kirk Cousins on the big stage.

We know Zim can do it and not all coaches can. None guarantee it.

Now, a brief word on our rivals, the whiners. Their cheese goes with their whine. Post-game a high-pitched susurration was detected coming from Wisconsin like the buzzing of a thousand flies. Whine whine whiiiiiiiiiiine. Then eat more blocks of cheese, do some more "packing," and back to the whining.

It was a soothing sound that made me sleep like a baby!

Daddy want more of that!

Aaron Rodgers played fantastic but it does not matter how well he plays. He is still a deeply flawed inferior human being, intelligent but almost completely lacking in "critical thinking" no matter what he claims, and entirely self-centered and egotistical. He has a poisonous personality full of toxic lies and sneers. He is the whiner in chief.

The most amusing whines were those deploring the officiating. What a laugh!

First, there were only 4 ref errors or possible errors by the refs that I saw and all of them favored the Packers.

1. The call on Patrick Peterson was BS.

2. A Packers PI on a short pass was not called.

3. This one was funny. Elgton Jenkins Holding. They showed the replay. Yes, for sure, no doubt. But, behind him, another Packer player was holding on Tomlinson. The two Packers players were both tearing and ripping at jerseys like they were trying to fly purple kites. Which you can see almost every Packers offensive play but is almost never called on the Packers. I think the refs had a rule that if two Packers held badly right next to each other then maybe they had to call it on one of them. They could not pretend they missed the one hold because they were watching a different player because it was surround sound Holding. So, holding was called, but they really should have called it on two players that play and then enforced one of the holding calls. I know, it did not effect the game but it is the principle of the matter.

4. Case in point, the horribly comedically obvious hold on Watts that kept him from sacking Rodgers. It went uncalled! My great-grandmammy saw it clear as day from the nosebleed section!

Other than that, there were no errors I saw. The Cousins interception called back had to be called back. Keke went helmet to helmet on Cousins. Personal foul. Packer fan were upset because this would not be called in GB and usually isn't. Unless someone makes the lightest of contacts with Rodgers. If a jersey sleeve brushes his helmet they throw flags all over. As per the other interception, it wasn't. It just wasn't.

Caveman will explain it to those Packers fans:

Ball on ground.

Ball not catch.

Ball not intercepted.

If never-frozen caveman gets it, why can't Packers fans? Obstructed view while "packing?"

Well, I know why. Just last week the refs let an "interception" stand in which King, in the end zone, got his hands on the ball, then dropped it, and then picked it up off the ground and the refs said it was an interception! In GB. See? At the time, the game was 3-0 Packers, late in the 3rd and the Seahawks were in FG range. Earlier the Seahawks jumped on a Rodgers fumble. The player laid on with his arms cradling the ball. Rodgers made contact with him and reached down to touch the ball that was not loose or moving at all. It was crystal clear on replay. The refs gave the ball back to GB!

The Packers fans are so used to refs calling the game to assist them win (the refs also earlier this year gave them the Steelers game in GB!) that when a game is officiated fairly and correctly, they think it is unfair!

The refs called this game fair either because of the attention Pete Carroll drew to the ref's preferential treatment of the Packers or simply because usually the corrupt reffing is saved for games in Green Bay.

I'll tell you now, beware the coming game in Green Bay.


Kirk Cousins

Fantastic game but we must admit some luck here. Luck that the one interception was called back due to personal foul and the non-catch non-interception wasn't caught. Of course, what many a Packer fans ignore is that Breeland missed an even more catchable interception of Rodgers in the first quarter. If we play the What If game, one for them and one for us, then those two cancel each other out.

Cousins was very good but I now think we are taking too many risks. Zim has responded too much to criticism. Yes, we won this game but Cousins, like any QB, will throw INTs if he chucks it up for grabs 30 yards down field again and again. He used up a lot of his good luck reservoir Sunday. Yes, a perfect day to use it! Still, it has to be near empty by now.

Adam Thielen

You already know it. Great game! 2 explosive plays and a TD.

Justin Jefferson

You already know it! Superlative super-powered game! 4 explosive plays, 2 of those monsters (over 40 yards), and 2 TDs. This guy is AMAZING! (They say "amazing" is an over-used word. Fine. It can only be used referring to JJ and no one else. Alleged word problem solved.)

Tyler Conklin

3 catches, no drops, no penalties, 2 explosive plays Great game!

KJ Osborn

Only one catch but he kept them honest and it was a big catch, an explosive play.

Dalvin Cook

Pretty good but did not look his usual self. He really turned it up a notch in the 4th quarter. TD, 2 pt. conversion, 2 explosive run plays (10+ yards) and one explosive pass play (15+ yards). 3 times tackled for lost yardage, 2 for no yards.

CJ Ham

(I guess I forgot to include him last week) Great blocking but no real action other than the missed third and short. That was a lack of blocking. No throws to him so I bet he gets 2 + catches in San Fran.

Christian Darrisaw

He finally had that ugly rookie game we all kept expecting and not seeing and then, once we stopped expecting it, bam, there it was. Quick everyone, picture Nick Bosa destroying him for three sacks!

Exra Cleveland

His best game of the year. Extremely encouraging!

Mason Cole

He was who we thought he was? Or, other way around? Kenny Clarke is a great player and he went at him one on one. I will say he did still, even on a bad day against a great player, anchor better than Bradbury.

Oli Udoh

Rubs eyes. Rubs eyes again and peers harder. No penalties? No penalties!!!!

Brian O'Neil

Well played, friend!


Everson Griffen

Losing steam as the year wears on? Maybe. The thing is, and this goes for all our pass rushers, GB has the #3 pass blocking o-line right now. We have to keep that in mind.

Dalvin Tomlinson

It wasn't obvious, but he had a good day. He helped limit their run game, had a couple Hurries, and a couple excellent tackles near the line of scrimmage.

Armon Watts

Armon is Our Man! I'd get that on some T-shirts but some people would misunderstand and think all of us wearing it were members of a gay male harem. Don't want that!

EXCELLENT work by Watts. He is the real deal. A star is born! Sack, FF, 3 Hurries (one despite a savage hold on him, a despicably obvious one, that the refs did not call), and two tackles near the line of scrimmage.

He is why Sheldon Richardson is not starting. It isn't that Richardson is bad or less than who he was. It's that Watts has gotten so dang good.


Sheldon Richardson

His best game this year. I love him as DE. He is an upgrade over Wonnum, a big one, both in the pass rush and in the run D. More of the same please!

5 Hurries, a Penalty drawn, and a tackle near the line of scrimmage.

DJ Wonnum

5 Hurries is good but his overall play and, especially, his run D has been poor. Also, 1 sack this year for the amount of playing time he gets? We need better. He isn't ready.

Anthony Barr

Pretty invisible. Next game we should have him rush Rodgers every play. That will rattle Arrant Rodgers (Plague Rodgers).

Eric Kendricks

Good good good but he did miss a tackle. Come on, Eric, shouldn't you get a Sack and an Interception every game? No?

Mackensie Alexander

That was one of the worst blown coverages I've ever seen when he let Adams score that TD. Adams made a move to the inside, Alexander followed slow and weak and half-heartedly and then decided to stand there without moving while looking at Rodgers and while Adams lumbered his slow butt past him. What the--?


Patrick Peterson


Cameron Dantzler

Not special.

Harrison Smith

Rusty in coverage. Needs to shake off the Covid. The Sack and the Hurry / Defended Pass were nice. Most safeties wish they had the game Smith had but it was below his set standards.

Xavier Woods

Love this guy despite a couple missed tackles. Hard hitter with a stare of intensity that makes Lions go sterile. Great Defended Pass as well.

Bashaud Breeland

Some great coverages. Too bad he could not get the interception but it was a Pass Defended. It was still a plus play. A big plus.

As per tradition, no comment on special teams so that I do not jinx them.

Crap. Did that count? Did I just jinx them?


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