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Vikings Happy Hour - Two Teams Competing with Niner Beto

Niner Beto of the Niner Sickness Podcast joins Matt, Ryan, and Dave at the bar to talk the Vikings and 49ers. Two teams with identical records fight for the ability to get in the playoffs. Make sure to grab a beverage!

The Minnesota Vikings are back to 5-5 after the win against the Green Bay Packers, but there is no time to let the effort wane. The team will fly to the west coast to match up against the San Francisco 49ers. We have gust Nine Beto of the Nine Sickness Podcast going the crew to enjoy some beverages and talk some football. The 49ers started out slower than they wanted and we can empathize with that. Like with the Vikings, they are riding a 2 game winning streak to bring them back up to .500. This game will have had all sorts of playoff implications, from getting there to head-to-head tiebreakers.

Kyle Shanahan along with Jimmy Garoppolo looks to improve on that record against the Vikes. The problem is that Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins want to do the same thing vs the 49ers. Will they? Both teams have their share of injuries and for the Viking, Dalvin Tomlinson was ruled out today and has been put on the Covid IR list. The game looks to be a shootout type with each offense being able to score lots of points deciding on who will win. Yay!ā€¦ And you wonder why we enjoy our beverages so much? LOL.

Grab your favorite beverage and join the conversation!

Discussion topics tonight:


  • Ryan update on Vikes season
  • Niners sickness updates on 49ers season

Matchup preview

  • Vikes offense rolling
  • 49ers run game
  • Specific matchups to watch
  • Keys to victory for each team

Lighting round


Write that down

Buy sell


Ryan: 7-3

Matt: 5-5

Dave: 5-5

Guest: 6-4

Fan with us!!! Thank our guest Niner Beto @NinerSickness49. The regulars: @Matt Anderson @MattAnderson_8, and Ryan Ortega @sportsguyry, and Producer Dave @Luft_Krigare in the truck. This is a @Climb_ThePocketā€™s & @DailyNorsemanā€™s production.

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