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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Vikings at 49ers

Let’s talk about today’s game, everyone!

Another afternoon of Minnesota Vikings football is over and done with, ladies and gentlemen, and that means it’s time to talk about what we just watched on Vikings Report Rewind.

As always, yours truly joins Drew and Ted from the aptly-named Vikings Report with Drew and Ted to talk about this afternoon’s game. You can either watch the show on the YouTube embed below or head on over to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel, where you can send in comments and interact with us as we talk about today’s game.

We’ll go over everything we saw this afternoon, folks. . .the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever it might be. Whether the Vikings win or lose, we always try to give you our best perspectives on everything we saw.

We hope that you enjoy the show, and if you like it you can subscribe to Vikings Report on YouTube to make sure you never miss an episode.