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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 9

It’s halfway through the season

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The picks are in, and it’s time to take a look at how the guys from the best. . .and your favorite. . .Minnesota Vikings website are seeing the action for Week 9 of the 2021 NFL season. The picks weren’t really great for anyone last week, with one exception, as everyone else once again climbed aboard the struggle bus.

Here are the results from last week:

  • Warren Ludford: 10-5 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 8-7 over/under
  • GA Skol: 8-7 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 7-8 over/under
  • Eric Thompson: 7-8 straight-up, 4-11 against the spread, 10-5 over/under
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 5-10 straight-up, 2-13 against the spread, 8-7 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 5-10 straight-up, 5-10 against the spread, 8-7 over/under

Yeah. . .with the exception of Warren’s straight-up picks and Eric’s over/under selections, none of our picks last week were really worth a damn. I certainly hope you’re not relying on us for anything that involves money in any way.

Here’s how everyone stacks up to this point in the season:


  1. Eric Thompson: 78-45
  2. Warren Ludford: 74-48
  3. GA Skol: 74-49
  4. Ed Brodmarkle: 68-48
  5. Christopher Gates: 70-53

Against the Spread

  1. Eric Thompson: 62-60
  2. GA Skol: 60-61
  3. Warren Ludford: 56-64
  4. Ed Brodmarkle: 50-65
  5. Christopher Gates: 52-70


  1. GA Skol: 68-54
  2. Eric Thompson: 63-60
  3. Christopher Gates: 63-60
  4. Warren Ludford: 62-60
  5. Ed Brodmarkle: 57-59

Hopefully our selections for this week will be better. Here’s what we’re looking at for Week 9 around the National. . .Football. . .League. Keep in mind that the lines have changed since we started putting our selections in. If you want the most up-to-date betting lines, you can check out our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Here are the games that we have disagreements on for this week:

  • Falcons at Saints: Ed has New Orleans, everyone else has Atlanta
  • Browns at Bengals: Eric and GA Skol have Cleveland, everyone else has Cincinnati
  • Texans at Dolphins: Warren has Houston, everyone else has Miami
  • Raiders at Giants: Ed has New York, everyone else has Las Vegas
  • Bears at Steelers: Eric has Chicago, everyone else has Pittsburgh

And that’s it. . .only five games this week where we don’t have a consensus. Unfortunately, that includes our game this weekend, as we’re all projecting the Vikings to take a second consecutive loss.

We’ve all got Baltimore getting the win straight-up. Warren and GA Skol are hopeful that the Vikings can keep it close, taking the 6.5 points on this one. Almost everyone is expecting a high-scoring affair in this one as well, with only Ed taking the “under” for this week’s point total. I think this is one that we’d all be happy to be wrong on, but this just feels like one of “those” games. . .at least it does to me.

Those are our NFL picks for this week, ladies and gentlemen. As always, we hope that your picks are going a hell of a lot better than ours are.