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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 9 (Ravens)

Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Who do you think is a nincompoop this week? This is supposed to be fun, relax and enjoy.

Mike Zimmer - Why is Mike a nincompoop? He’s on this list almost every week. The team is the worst at two minute drills and end of half scenarios. He can’t manage the clock to save his life. The game plans are bland and predictable. The team has had a 7 point or larger lead in every loss this season. The team consistently has been blowing leads and it comes down to coaching. Zimmer’s supporters are starting to turn on him. I loved Zim when he first started and even bought myself a Zim Reapers t-shirt. His time was up a long time ago.

Klint Kubiak - Why is Klint a nincompoop? I can call out his plays from the couch like I’m Tony Romo. I am no Xs and Os expert, but this play calling is the most obvious crap you have ever seen. 2nd and 8+, let’s run to try to get to 3rd and less than 5. 3rd and 18, look out for a short pass to the slowest person on the team. The OT drive was hilariously predictable after a turnover from the Ravens. That Barr INT should’ve sealed the game. I don’t know if it is Zim keeping the reigns on the offense or if it is Kubiak, but when they do let it go the offense looks great. That 4th down play to JJ was superb. The opening two drives were great, but then the Ravens adjusted and the offense had no answer. Do can’t just get in a rut midway through the 2nd quarter and not score another point on offense until the last drive of the game (3 points gifted to them by the defense with a -1 yard drive). This team is the worst after turnovers and it is painful to watch.

I got to be honest, I could write in a few players that didn’t play great, but everything stemmed from the inability to hold a drive and poor game management. The defense was fine until it had to trot out on the field 90 seconds after the last drive ended. I missed writing this up last week, but the two winners are above. It’s the same thing. I’ve said many times the season is not over and I am not ready to give up on it. However, the team basically has 2 losses, at the most, before it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is two weeks from now. When the team is eliminated (very likely scenario) just go ahead and fire Zim, Kubiak and Rick. It’s time to start over (soon).




  1. a foolish or stupid person.

Last Week’s Results

1) Mike Zimmer

2) Klint Kubiak

I voted myself since I didn’t post.


Who is the nincompoop of the week?

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