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SB Nation Reacts: Vikings crash. Yes, again.

But what did you expect?

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

I meant to get our latest SB Nation Reacts numbers up here before Thursday night’s victory over the Steelers, but there were a few things that got in the way. Fear not, though. . .we have the numbers from Minnesota Vikings fans following their humiliating loss to the Detroit Lions last week.

Yeah, they’re every bit as bad as you think they were. . .though not the worst they’ve been this season.

Yes, the loss to the league’s only winless team led to just 3% of fans declaring that they felt the Vikings were moving in the right direction as far as the franchise is concerned.

That. . .somehow. . .is not the lowest number we’ve seen from the Vikings this year, as our figures will show.

  • Post-2021 NFL Draft: 96%
  • Week 1: 61%
  • Week 2: 34%
  • Week 3: 38%
  • Week 4: 76%
  • Week 5: 14%
  • Week 6: 24%
  • Week 7: 36%
  • Week 8: 54%
  • Week 9: 2%
  • Week 10: 5%
  • Week 11: 21%
  • Week 12: 59%
  • Week 13: 14%
  • Week 14: 3%

Yes, for some reason we somehow felt a little worse about losing the “Cooper Rush game” than we did about falling to a team that hadn’t won in nearly a full calendar year. Honestly, both are pretty damned embarrassing. . .I guess it’s just a matter of which type of humiliation you prefer.

On the bright side, Thursday’s victory over the Steelers. . .ugly though it might have been. . .should serve to boost these figures a little higher next week. Of course, we’re going to follow that up with a trip to Soldier Field, and we know how those trips usually go for our favorite team, so I’m guessing the roller coaster ride will continue.

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