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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 14 (Steelers)

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

This is a little delayed considering the game was played a week ago, but still fun to look back at who messed up. The Vikings got out to a huge lead 29-0 and almost blew the biggest lead in NFL Regular Season history. That is a lot of nincompoopery.

Chase Claypool - Why is Chase a nincompoop? Chase seems to think the game is about him and his ego. Chase received an unsportsmanlike penalty after he taunted Bashaud Breeland early in the game. Then on the last drive of the game Chase made a good play to convert a 4th down with little time left. Instead of rushing to get the ball spotted Chase decided it was a good time to celebrate and point like he scored the winning TD. The Steelers lost valuable seconds as a teammate tried to get the ball to the ref and Eric Kendricks smartly knocked the ball away. His immaturity cost the Steelers at least one more play at the end of the game. That could be what sends the Vikings to the playoffs and the Steelers home come playoff time.

Mike Zimmer - Why is Mike a nincompoop? Mike is just the worst at game management. A 29-0 lead should be insurmountable. It shouldn’t even be a question. It just happens every single week. That is an issue with leadership. Results matter and this is a below .500 team that struggles to win with big leads. It’s likely what is going to cost Zimmer his job come January. The team is still in it and it is not too late to make a run. I can’t help to think a better opponent and that last drive would’ve been a dagger to the playoff hopes.

Kris Boyd - Why is Kris a nincompoop? The Steelers were getting shut out midway through the 3rd quarter. They were starting to get a drive together to get their opening score and were just on the edge on long field goal range. Kris made a decent tackle on James Washington for a two yard loss. He decided to taunt him like he just made a big play. Of course the taunting flag comes and it moves the Steelers to the Viking 22. That led to their first TD of the game and started the momentum swing to Pittsburgh. What makes this play even worse is Boyd gave up a 29 yard reception to Washington 3 plays earlier. I’ll take a 29 yard reception and a -2 yard catch on offense any day of the week. Barr pushed Boyd towards the bench and Dantzler replaced him. That was Boyd’s chance to get some playing time and he likely will be behind Dantzler for the remainder of the season.

Steelers’ Defense - Why is the Steelers’ defense nincompoops? I don’t know what was going on, but the holes Dalvin had to run in the first half were incredible. The OL for the Vikings was playing well, but they are not the 90s Cowboys OL. I am not sure if it was a scheme issue or a execution issue, but that was pathetic. The enormous lead was because the Steelers defense did not adjust to close the running lanes. Late in the game they did do a slightly better job and the Vikings offense sputtered, but the damage was done.


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