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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 15

Things might get a little crazy this week

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is once again time for the team that powers your favorite Minnesota Vikings website to reveal who they’re picking to win this week’s games in the National Football League. Since we’ve got Saturday games this week, and each week for the rest of the season, we can get our picks out there a little early.

Last week was a pretty darn good week for all of us, at least as far as the straight-up picks are concerned. Here’s how everyone fared:

  • Eric Thompson: 14-0 straight-up, 7-7 against the spread, 9-5 over/under
  • GA Skol: 10-4 straight-up, 8-6 against the spread, 9-5 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 10-4 straight-up, 5-9 against the spread, 11-3 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 10-3 straight-up, 7-6 against the spread, 8-5 over/under
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 9-4 straight-up, 8-5 against the spread, 8-5 over/under

Yes, Eric managed to pull off a perfect week last week on his straight-up picks, which just makes his lead in that category that much more insurmountable. We all had a pretty good week on the straight-up selections. . .not as good as Eric’s, obviously. . .but it looks like my hopes of getting to .500 on my spread picks are just about dead. Ah, well, maybe next year.

Here are the standings for each category as we go into Week 15, including the results of last night’s Thursday Night game.


  1. Eric Thompson: 139-69
  2. Warren Ludford: 127-79
  3. Christopher Gates: 125-83
  4. Ed Brodmarkle: 114-78
  5. GA Skol: 122-86

Against the Spread

  1. Eric Thompson: 114-94
  2. Warren Ludford: 102-103
  3. GA Skol: 100-107
  4. Ed Brodmarkle: 92-100
  5. Christopher Gates: 93-115


  1. Christopher Gates: 114-95
  2. Warren Ludford: 111-96
  3. Eric Thompson: 112-97
  4. GA Skol: 108-100
  5. Ed Brodmarkle: 96-98

Man, I had no idea that Eric was suddenly crushing everyone in the spread picks, too, but he is. He, like, knows the football and stuff.

With all of that out of the way, here are our selections for this week. Given the roller coaster that the league is on with COVID this week, it’s worth noting that these picks are subject to change right up until each individual game kicks off. Also, the lines for some of these games may have changed since the time we punched our selections into the Tallysight system. For the latest and greatest betting information, be sure to check out our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Here are the games that we have differences of opinion on this week. . .at least as things stand right now:

  • Raiders at Browns: Eric and GA Skol have Cleveland, everyone else has Las Vegas
  • Texans at Jaguars: Warren and Chris have Houston, everyone else has Jacksonville
  • Titans at Steelers: Eric has Pittsburgh, everyone else has Tennessee
  • Falcons at 49ers: GA Skol has Atlanta, everyone else has San Francisco
  • Bengals at Broncos: GA Skol and Warren have Denver, everyone else has Cincinnati
  • Packers at Ravens: GA Skol and Chris have Baltimore, everyone else has Green Bay

As far as our game goes, we are all taking the Minnesota Vikings to walk into Soldier Field, their personal house of horrors, and emerge with a victory over the Chicago Bears to get their record back to .500. Again.

Eric and Warren both have the Bears covering the point spread in this one, while Ed and GA Skol both have this one hitting the “under.” It’s worth noting that the spread for this one has changed significantly since the lines opened. The Vikings are now a 6-point favorite according to DraftKings. I know that damn sure doesn’t make me feel any better about their chances, but I can’t speak for anyone else.

Those are our picks for this week in the National. . .Football. . .League, ladies and gentlemen. How are your picks going as we head into the home stretch of the season?