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Vikings Happy Hour - Playoffs?!? …Another Round Bartender!

Playoffs?!? Matt, Ryan, and Dave are at the bar to talk the Vikings. A quick look back and a longer one forward to the Lions. Make sure to grab a beverage!

The Minnesota Vikings suffer another one-score loss to a team that they could have beat. The San Francisco 49ers proved to be too much controlling the ball and time on the clock, especially after a Kirk Cousins quasi-meltdown in the second half. Can the Detroit Lions replicate the same results? Jared Goff is playing a little better, but he has some no-names to throw to. The Kitties do have a decent run game though, and that could target a Vikes’ weakness. With a depleted D-line, the part of the game that has suffered the most is defending the run game. The Vikings have some players that are in a questionable status as to whether they would play, like Patrick Peterson, Michael Pierce, and Dalvin Tomlinson. That doesn’t include those we know are out like Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen. On the offensive side, Dalvin Cook will be out so most of the load will go to Alexander Mattison. He will be sharing time with Kene Nwangwu. That will be exciting to see.

The unspoken concern comes down to Kirk Cousins. He turtled in the second half of last week’s game and reverted back to Captain Checkdown. Will he continue poor play or become aggressive again? On the good side of things, Cousins is from Michigan and tends to destroy the Lions when he plays there. Will he Sunday? …And you wonder why we enjoy our beverages so much? Another round bartender! LOL.

Grab your favorite beverage and join the conversation!

Discussion topics tonight:



Vikings a playoff team?

  • -What do you need to see

Trap Game?

  • Vikings Run D is suspect
  • Campbell and the lions have nothing to lose
  • Particular matchups

Lighting Round


  • Kene Nwangwu 4.5 touches on offense
  • Goff 2.5 turnovers
  • 1.5 Trick plays
  • 27.5 points allowed by Vikings


  • Klint Kubiak turning a corner?
  • Regression on D?
  • Write that down


Ryan: 7-4

Matt: 5-6

Dave: 5-6

Guest: 7-4

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