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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Rams at Vikings

Let’s talk about today’s game!

Week 16 is officially in the books for your Minnesota Vikings, and that can only mean that it’s time to talk about everything that we just watched from U.S. Bank Stadium between the purple and the Los Angeles Rams.

That means it’s time for yours truly to join Drew and Ted from the always aptly-named Vikings Report with Drew and Ted podcast to break everything down. As usual, there are two different ways that you can watch the show. You can either view things through the embedded viewer below, or you can head to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel to watch and, if you want, send comments to interact with the show.

Whether what we saw this afternoon was good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in-between, the three of us will be giving you our thoughts on things. Hopefully there are a lot more positive things to talk about than negative things. . .but, with this team, it’s really hard to tell.

(I did this write-up last night because we’re trying to get “on-air” a few minutes after the game concludes.)

So, we hope that you’ll join us for the post-game show, and if you like what you hear you can definitely subscribe to Drew and Ted’s show on the podcast aggregator of your choosing.