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It’s time to say it’s time

It’s been a long run

The Vikings beat the Atlanta Falcons in the season opener in Atlanta Sunday. — A happy John Randle walks off he field holding his helment with his teeth after the Vikings squeaked by Atlanta 17-14 during both teams opeing game of the NFL season.(Photo By

Aloha, everyone!

Wow, I’ve been a member of the Daily Norseman for well over a decade now. I still remember when I first found this place. I was searching for a community where I could talk about the Vikings with other Vikings fans, and I visited many other sites before stumbling onto the DN. I lurked here for a while, then after seeing the awesome community here, I started commenting, and so it began. More than 100,000 comments later, here we are.

Years ago, Chris was kind enough to allow me to take over writing the Open Thread, and I’m grateful to him for the opportunity. It’s been my pleasure to handle the open thread, and I’ve done so mostly through good times, but there have been a few rocky times as well (Adrian Peterson issue, the stadium, dead birds, the Kluwe fiasco, etc.). Together, we endured and survived those times, and we even managed to have some laughs during the chaos. Well, we had a lot of laughs, I suppose. I’ve endured some life trials while here as well, and the DN community was kind and gracious throughout. I will always appreciate the kindness and compassion this community displayed when our daughter passed away. I also appreciate the support and understanding you showed when I struggled with and overcame my battle with addiction. The support was uplifting and I am grateful for all of you.

Unfortunately, my time writing here is coming to an end. The reasons for this are numerous, and one of those reasons is time. I have a career that I love, my wife and I have a business which is growing and becoming more successful, and I also have a six-year-old mini-me with whom I love to spend time with. All of these occupy most of my time. As I progress in my recovery from addiction and have success in my recovery, I am making myself available to be of service to those who are struggling, and this also occupying more time. Last, but certainly not least, I must also allot time for the true love of my life: fishing (just kidding, Mrs. Fishin’, but really, I do need to allot time for fishing). In the end, something had to give, and my job, business, son, fishing, and service to others all must remain in my life. Times change, and sometimes with change come changes (I know that makes no sense, do you expect anything different from me?). If you’re not willing to accept or adapt to those changes, then it’s time to move on.

I truly appreciate the friendship, comradery, and banter throughout the years. It was through the open thread that supa introduced me to pre-game tailgating, where a lurker invited me to the Vikings bar in Billings to watch the Vikings beat the Peckers a few years back, where MTViking and his lovely wife introduced me to a great brewery in Billings, and I’ve met several other DN members on the thread and in person and have made some true friends. Many thanks to Rob for all of his help in keeping this ship afloat, and for being a partner in navigating. I truly appreciate all of you for the fun times on the thread and for you putting up with my horrible dad jokes, my unique brand of humor, my sometimes horrible football takes, and everything else I’ve put you through throughout these years. It’s been a hell of a ride. Adios, amigos; drive fast and take chances!