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Kirk Cousins going on Vikings’ COVID-19 list, out for Sunday Night Football


Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It’s the moment that everyone probably saw coming from a mile away, and a moment that some may have even been waiting for.

The Minnesota Vikings have announced that quarterback Kirk Cousins will be going on the team’s COVID-19 list, effectively meaning that he’s out for the Sunday Night Football matchup in Green Bay.

Cousins, who everybody knows by now is unvaccinated, has managed to avoid the virus for most of the season, but couldn’t make it all the way through. Even with the new protocols, he will likely not be able to test out of things before Sunday night.

This means that Sean Mannion, fresh off of recovering from COVID himself, will likely be the starter when the Vikings go to Lambeau Field on Sunday night, with either Kellen Mond or the newly-acquired Kyle Sloter backing him up.

Sufficient to say, this really, really puts a significant dent in the Vikings’ chances to keep their playoff hopes alive on Sunday night. A win basically eliminates them from the playoff race, and now they’ll be going into it without their starting quarterback.

How big a deal is this? If you’re looking at the gambling lines, you’ve probably noticed by now that the line has jumped from Packers -6.5 to Packers -13.5. That’s. . .a lot.

We’ve had all the vaccination debates that I can handle already, but if everyone wants to go ahead and rehash them for the 27th time or so, you can feel free to do so in the comments.

Once again, Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins is going on the team’s COVID-19 list and is out for the Sunday Night Football matchup in Green Bay.