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Vikings planning significant offensive line changes for Sunday’s game

Hoo boy

NFL: SEP 12 Vikings at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With starting left tackle Christian Darrisaw already having been ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings were already going to have to make at least one change along the offensive line. However, it sounds like there are going to be significant changes up front on offense.

According to Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the plan for the Vikings is not starting Rashod Hill at left tackle, as many of us. . .myself included. . .assumed might be the case, but rather to move starting right guard Oli Udoh to the left tackle spot instead.

So what do they do at right guard, then? Well, Goessling’s next tweet says that the Vikings want to get Garrett Bradbury back into the lineup, so apparently the plan to do that is to put Bradbury back at center and shift Mason Cole. . .who has played well in Bradbury’s absence. . .over to right guard.

Yes, to the best of my knowledge, Wyatt Davis is still on the team.

I know that Udoh was a left tackle in college and has likely played there in training camp and things of that nature, but playing left tackle in the National Football League is an entirely different animal. Udoh is already the most penalized player in the National Football League this season, and moving him to the left tackle spot is going to put him on an island quite a bit. I suppose that, in the worst-case scenario, the Vikings could still put Hill out there if Udoh doesn’t show that he’s up to the task, but this is still pretty surprising.

What do you think of the Vikings (reportedly) starting Oli Udoh at left tackle tomorrow against Detroit and making these other shifts on the offensive line?