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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Vikings at Lions

Let’s talk about today’s game, folks!

This week’s game is in the books for the Minnesota Vikings, and that can only mean one thing. Yes, it’s time to once again talk about what we just saw at Ford Field on Vikings Report Rewind LIVE!

Drew, Ted, and yours truly are going to gather again to talk about everything we just saw in today’s game. You can either watch the show here in the embedded player below, or you can head on over to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted page on YouTube and watch it there. I will say that if you watch it on YouTube you can log in and send comments during the show for everyone to interact with.

We’re going to talk about everything we saw today, whether it was good, bad, ugly, or something else. We might also take a brief look ahead to the Vikings’ next game, as the team has a short turnaround before they host Thursday Night Football this week.

So, if you want to talk about everything we just watched between the Vikings and the Detroit Lions, come join us on Vikings Report Rewind LIVE!