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The Daily Norseman Mailbag

Post Owl, pre-free agency mailbag

US Postal Service Mail Delivery Ahead Of Second-Quarter Results

You have questions, I have answers....a wrong answer is still an answer.

Good Morning!

Has it been two weeks since our last mailbag? Man, time flies @when you’re having fun at work.@ The big news since our last mailbag was the Texans releasing JJ Watt (at his request) I’ve seen some of you pondering whether the Vikings could make room for him so let’s talk about it because JJ can play 3T.

Once the Stafford trade went down there was a lot of speculation that Eagles QB Carson Wentz would get traded by the Eagles for two first round picks, but that hasn’t happened, wondering why?

Our Minnesota Vikings replaced Kubiak at offensive coordinator with Kubiak, I’ve seen the nepotism label thrown around here and there. Think the kid can get the Vikings to score more touchdowns this year?

It’s going to be mock draft season around here for a long time, how has your outlook on the #14 pick changed in the last week especially considering a potential trade?

Anyone special you have your eye on in free agency? It’s never to early to talk free agency.

So, if you’re on Twitter, and you have a question about the Vikings, the draft, fantasy football, or life in general, tweet us a question with #DailyNorsemanmailbag somewhere in the tweet or you can dm me on Twitter (Rob@DN1). If you do, please let me know what your username here is unless I already know it. You can also leave your question as a mention in either Twitter account.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment in this post, I’ll revisit it later in the week.

If you’re stuck in the 19th century (last time Ted gets credit here) and refuse to embrace social media (don’t blame you), shoot me an (the period and @ is removed to prevent harvesting by bots).

My plan is to get this posted Wednesday morning/afternoon since I go back on service Thursday.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to all your questions!