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Vikings Report With Drew And Ted, ep 7

We talk Vikings, the NFL, start our roster review, and the loser pays up on our playoff bet

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. On this week’s Vikings Report With Drew and Ted, we talk about a bunch of stuff, so grab a beer (or a cup of coffee if you have some sense of moral superiority about drinking a beer at 7 in the morning) and enjoy.

Jersey Talk: This week is Fran Tarkenton, or St. Francis of Bloomington, hallowed be his name. Drew and I were both fortunate enough to see him play when we were kids, so we spend a few minutes talking about the greatest quarterback in Vikings history. Don’t forget to get signed up for the jersey giveaway on draft night, we talk about how to do that; it’s really easy! Yes, that’s right. We’ll be doing a live draft show on our YouTube Channel on April 29th, with special guest, the one and only Christopher Gates! So please join us for the first round of the NFL Draft. We’re really looking forward to it, and we hope you’ll make us part of your draft night coverage.

Vikings: Klint Kubiak is officially the Vikings offensive coordinator. We discuss what that means, and what we’d like to see as Klint with a K takes over. And what would a Vikings segment be without talking about these silly ‘trade Kirk’ draft rumors?

Roster Review: We start our off-season roster review, and we begin with the QB position. We look at the current guys on the roster, potential free agents, and Drew discusses the top QB prospects in the draft. Is Kirk going to be the starter? If Kirk is traded, who would be a good interim starter? Who would the Vikings draft? Should they draft a QB anyway? All of those questions are answered.

Trivia: It’s Match Game, and it’s an amazing come from behind win for one of us!

OSU-Michigan Karaoke: Drew is a Michigan fan, and I’m an Ohio State fan. When we started our playoff picks, we bet that the loser would have to sing the other school fight song. It’s time to pay the piper as it were. Who sings?

Thanks again for everyone’s support. We’re closing in on 1,200 subscribers in our first six weeks, give or take, and we couldn’t be happier about the feedback and the responses we’re getting. If there’s anything you like about the show, anything you’d like us to talk about, or something you don’t like, leave a comment and let us know. We’re always looking to get better.

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