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Vikings Report With Drew and Ted, ep 5

Fixing the defense, trade talk, and more!

Hey gang, Drew and I are back, and first of all, we’d like to say thank you. We’ve hit 700 subscribers on YouTube in just over one month,, and the feedback we’ve gotten has been really tremendous. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys watching, subscribing, and commenting, so a big tip of the cap to all of you who have tuned in.

Tonight, we talk about the greatness of Cris Carter, then the awfulness of the Vikings defense, how to fix it, and the 2-3 guys on defense the Vikes have to keep in order to turn things around.

From there, we answer a question from our own MarkSP18, wanting to know if the Lions are going to get ahead of the Vikings competitively going all in on rebuilding with the Stafford trade, or if the Vikings can stay competitive with their current replace guys on the fly philosophy.

From there, we wrap the show up with Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers trade rumors, and whether or not take stock in them, trivia, and our Super Bowl picks.

Again, thanks so much for tuning in, and don’t forget to hit the bell, like, and subscribe.