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Dalvin Cook becomes part-owner of team in new Fan Controlled Football league

This should be interesting

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Over the past couple of seasons, Minnesota Vikings’ running back Dalvin Cook has proven himself to be among the game’s most dynamic offensive players. Now, with the season over, he’s still got plenty of football on the schedule, but now he’ll be looking at things from a different perspective.

A couple of days ago, the news broke that Cook had become a part-owner of a team in the brand new Fan Controlled Football league. The FCF is a 7-on-7 indoor league that will play a six-week season, with all of the games being streamed live on Twitch. All of the games for the FCF are being played in Duluth. . .Georgia.

There are plenty of other interesting aspects to FCF, including the ability for the fans to actually call the plays (hence the league name). How? Well, according to the league’s question and answer page:

On Twitch and in the FCF app you’ll see Run or Pass when your team is on offense. Pick one, and you’ll see four diagramed play options. Lock in your favorite, get notified which play won the vote, and watch the play unfold on the field in real-time. It’s not magic, but it’s pretty damn close.

Cook’s team is the Zappers, which he co-owns with former Minnesota Twins pitcher Trevor May, sports announcer Bob Menery, and professional gamer Ronnie Singh. The Zappers have at least one player that everyone should be familiar with, as their quarterback is one Johnny Manziel. The Zappers are 0-2 after their first two games, unfortunately, but hopefully they can get it turned around.

Congratulations to Dalvin Cook on becoming the part-owner of a new team in and brand new football league. While I, personally, haven’t taken the opportunity to watch the FCF yet, I’m curious to see how the Zappers are going to do. Maybe Cook buying into part of the team can get them turned around.