Yeah... I've said it before... but it bears repeating how awesome the Daily Norseman family is.

Last year with our Special Olympics drive we had the best year ever ... (LINKY) raising over $67,000.00 in this brand new location in greater Minnesota.

With your help... Admiral BigGun raised over $1200 and our team... the "Purple Plungers" raised (over) a whopping $4000!!!!


Well, even thou this has been the most stupidest of years... you purple people certainly don't disappoint.


...with your help... Admiral BigGun is on track to pass $3000.00 !!!! (MORE THAN DOUBLE LAST YEAR) please click and donate five bucks.

AND... if things stay on track, the Purple Plungers team (made up of VIKINGS FANS like you) is already over SIX GRAND and could even reach TEN THOUSAND!!!!

But we still need your help to get us over the hump. Please help get ABG past $3000.00!

This is one of the best things you can possibly do this year to help those in need! (and due to the virus... the only fundraiser they will have)

Due to COVID-19 the normal donations to SOMN are down this year... but with your help, our Minnesota Special Olympics Athletes can have a mostly "normal" year.

Thank you so much for your donation!!! (it is tax deductible... so save the downloadable receipt).

CLICK HERE TO DONATE a couple of bucks.

Want to jump with Admiral BigGun? SEND ME A DM and i'll send you a Password... you can still earn really cool prizes... including this SAW-Weeeeeat ride!

Indy XC 600 129 snowmobile!

To qualify, you must register for the Plunge (virtual or in-person) and raise the $75 minimum by May 1, 2021.


I appreciate you! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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