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Coral Zoom Meeting

Update Time!

UK Daily Life 2020 Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Good Afternoon!

As some of you know I had a Zoom meeting with one of the Coral developers to discuss all of the concerns we have at The Daily Norseman about Coral.

First, I have to say thank you to Sam for taking the time to meet with me and listen to our complaints and possible solutions, the meeting was originally scheduled for thirty minutes but we extended it to an hour.

If you’re wondering I did ask if we could have Chorus back and was told “no.”

I had an agenda, here it is in partial form:

2. Background review of Chorus features as a commenter

“Z key”

unread comments highlighted

up arrow to a comment previously replied to

collapsing a thread

ability to load all comments at once

4. Coral complaints from the users at The Daily Norseman

Getting logged out while reading

Read more of this conversation and load more

unable to easily follow threads

unable to easily see comments that are a reply to your posts

lack of search utility for old comments

not able to quickly differentiate material submitted since last read

mobile is clunky and not improved over Chorus

There are users that are not able to make a Fanpost

Users cannot login through third party identification (yahoo typically)

Coral loses the indentation “nesting” of replies after a certain number of layers, which also needs to be fixed.

Any more than about 170 comments on an article and the text speed slows to a crawl

6. Coral commenter solutions:

The best solutions are to (a) install a color change with an unread comment, (b) the “Z key” and (c) the up arrow; those changes will bring back 90% of our users who have left. I specifically made of point of asking for these to get worked on first as these actions would most closely mimic Chorus. Yes, I hammered that point home more than once.

Load all the comments on an article at once.

Nest replies to a comment with an indentation.

I don’t know what to tell you about the slow speed around 170 or so comments, but it needs to change; this was true in Chorus also, but at around 1400 comments.

Mobile interface needs improvement, that’s how I primarily log in to The Daily Norseman (and The Daily Gopher)

We lost some longtime users (created their accounts in 2008-2009) because of how they logged in, we’d like a solution found so they can login with their original account, and we’d like them back.

We do like seeing the number of users logged in, it would be great to see names.

7. Coral Moderator solutions:

Coral moderators-they are redundant and unnecessary, we know our community and rules, benign comments are getting rejected.

Sadly, I don’t have earth shattering news for any of you regarding these issues, I don’t understand computer coding but it sounds like they are building the code within Coral to fit our needs, and apparently it’s very time consuming and a lot of work.

I did resist the urge to say “why didn’t you foist this on the SB Nation blogs that get one to two comments on their articles?” My mom would be proud of me.

If you’re having problems logging into The Daily Norseman or creating a Fanpost you need to get a hold of SB Nation to see what they can do to assist you:

VikingPhilip asked for a shoutout, here it is.

We spent a lot of time talking about the problems and solutions, shoutout to Sam for recording the Zoom meeting and taking notes. This Zoom meeting was on my phone, my “okay Boomer” moment was when I realized she could see me when we the meeting was ending, good thing I wasn’t picking my nose.

I am going to schedule another meeting with Sam to follow up sometime later this month up to see where they stand in regards to progress on all the problems and possible solutions collectively we as a group proposed: no I’m not letting this go.