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It looks like Justin Jefferson may have leaked who the Vikings’ new offensive coordinator will be

Not that there was a tremendous amount of suspense, honestly

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

When it comes to filling the vacancies on their coaching staff this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings certainly are taking their time. They have a couple of spots left that are unoccupied, but the biggest one is the offensive coordinator job that was vacated by the retirement of Gary Kubiak last month.

While the speculation on who will be the sixth different offensive coordinator in the seven-year Mike Zimmer era has largely favored one person, there hasn’t been anything definitive. However, in an interview with the folks at FanSided, star wide receiver Justin Jefferson may have let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Jefferson told FanSided’s Mark Carman “I think Klint [Kubiak] is going to come in and do the same or even better.”

Kubiak has spent the past couple of seasons as the Vikings’ quarterback coach, and given the lack of any real movement by the Vikings as far as viewing outside candidates to this point (though they did bring New York Giants wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert in for an interview), the fact that Kubiak appears to be close to securing the job is not a huge surprise.

With the Vikings having hired former Jacksonville Jaguars’ wide receivers coach Keenan McCardell to fill the same position with the Vikings, Kubiak taking the offensive coordinator position would allow current receivers coach Andrew Janocko to take the quarterback coach spot.

Whether Justin Jefferson was supposed to let it slip that Klint Kubiak will be the Vikings’ next offensive coordinator is up for debate. However, the revelation should hardly come as a surprise. Mike Zimmer knows that his (and, in all likelihood, Rick Spielman’s) job is on the line next season, and as such would value the continuity that Kubiak the Younger would bring to the table rather than significantly altering an offense that, by and large, is not the problem in Minnesota.