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NFL announces Compensatory Picks; Vikings get two extra selections

Pretty much what we expected

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League has announced the Compensatory Selections for the 2021 NFL Draft, and the Minnesota Vikings got pretty much what we’ve been expecting them to get.

Per the league office, the Vikings will be receiving an extra fourth-round pick, which will come at #144 overall, and an extra sixth-round pick, which slots in at #223 overall. These line up with what Over the Cap had been projecting the Vikings to receive, with the fourth rounder coming for the loss of cornerback Trae Waynes and the sixth rounder coming for the loss of cornerback Mackensie Alexander.

This gives the Vikings the 12 selections that we had been projecting them to receive all along. Here is what Rick Spielman and company have to work with.

  • First-round pick
  • Two third-round picks
  • Four fourth-round picks
  • Two fifth-round picks
  • Two sixth-round picks
  • Seventh-round pick

Once we see a draft order with all of the picks in order, we will bring you a separate post with where all of the selections slot in. But, for now, the Vikings got exactly what we were projecting them to get as far as Compensatory selections for the 2021 NFL Draft.