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Vikings Restructure Adam Thielen’s Contract

$7.5M in 2021 Cap Savings

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings have restructured Adam Thielen’s contract. This is one of those that the players love. Adam gets $10M of his 2021 salary paid as a signing bonus now. That will spread the $10M evenly over the last 4 years of his deal. The deal saves the Vikings $7.5M in cap space in 2021. Thielen’s new cap hits are as follows:

2021: $5.97M

2022: $16.95M

2023: $17.95M

2024: $17.1M

Congrats Adam! You have earned every penny.


Thanks to the fine folks at Sports Illustrated (Will Ragatz) we have an update on cap space after all of the latest moves.

We currently have $3.85M in cap space that can be spend right now. We can use all of that on free agents now. Kyle Rudolph was designated as a post June 1st cut. June 2nd we will free up another $7.9M with Kyle counting $1.45M in dead money this year and $2.9M next year. That will give us enough money to sign all our draft picks.

Without any other moves it is as follows:

Cap Space Now: $3.85M

Cap Space June 2nd: $11.75M

It remains to be seen if Rick Spielman desires to spend that $3.85M now or wait and keep some wiggle room for an injury replacement or late offseason additions.