Stephen Weatherly Official back with the Vikings

So Stephen Weatherly is officially back with the Vikings. the link above is the official video from the Vikings of Weatherlys return.

Weatherly will be wearing his Original 91 from his first stint with the Vikings.

He is 26 years old former 7th round pick in 2016

was on the PS for most of 2016 only seeing time in 2 games

making the Squad in 2017, 2018, and 2019 mostly as a rotational run defender but did get in a total of 6 sacks during those years and add 1 sack in the 2019 playoff loss to the 49ers.

he is 6"5" 265 Lbs

basically he the opposite of Odenigbo where Odenighbos game is more pass rush,

Weatherlys game is more Run the DE spot

both have flexibility to move inside to to DT to help create pressure there.

if the rotation opposite Hunter in 2021 is a combo of Weatherly, Odenighbo, and Wonnum thats not terrible not great but not terrible either.

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