How the Vikings got their Iconic Original Uniforms and Icon

Note: this was Written a bit ago but i think it deserved more attention And thanks to Coral it was basically lost to the Coral gods. so i simply cut and pasted my old post so if the timeline doesnt match up quite sorry lol

So i was on the Vikings Reddit page and came across an Article about how the Uniforms for the Vikings came about. It all started in Los Angles, with the Vikings signing Bert Rose and Norm Van Brocklin as GM and Head Coach respectively from the LA Rams in 1961.

They asked a LA based Cartoonist by the name of Karl Hubenthal whom both Rose and Brocklin knew personally, to sketch up some Designs for the Uniforms and Logo. Hubenthal Passed away in 1998, but had the sketches hanging in his LA office till his death upon which his daughter Karen Chappell had the framed sketches on her wall till recently.

With the Stadium opening up last year and the Vikings having a museum of sorts to vikings history there Chappell got a hold of the Vikings to see if they would like the Sketches. Of course the Vikings wanted them so she was nice enough to donate them to the Vikings for mini museum the Vikings Voyage.

Why it so unique is that most teams fans and most teams front offices and owners can't tell you how or why their favorite team has the Logo or color scheme it does. The article covers these aspects of our favorite team and more to give a real sense of history and honestly a fairly strong connection to the LA Rams. Even talking about how the Vikings came to get the Iconic Purple and Gold color Scheme.

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