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A reminder that your April Fool’s joke isn’t funny

Regardless of who you are

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

We know that today is April Fool’s Day, and that usually brings with it much chicanery and many shenanigans, the majority of which can charitably be classed as “painfully unfunny.” Such was the case with current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver (and current free agent) Cordarrelle Patterson.

Patterson decided to troll Vikings Twitter. . .well, the five people on Vikings Twitter that he hasn’t already blocked for criticizing him when he was with Minnesota. . .with this little beauty.

That was followed shortly thereafter with this:

HURR HURR HURR isn’t that funny?

Maybe it’s me getting old or whatever, but man. . .it seems like the majority of April Fool’s jokes are all this unfunny. I mean, the folks from ThinkGeek used to have an awesome April Fool’s gimmick where they’d put out a bunch of fake products that they were going to make, but since they don’t even exist anymore there’s basically no humor left in any of this April Fool’s Day stuff.

So no, Cordarrelle Patterson isn’t coming back to Minnesota. Why did he think it was funny to make people potentially think that he was? I don’t know. . .your guess is as good as mine.