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Vikings Report With Drew And Ted, Episode 17

We talk safeties and do a mock draft while mocking mock drafts, mockingly!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the newest episode of Vikings Report, with me, my buddy Drew, and Toonces. Don’t forget our live draft show is this Thursday, with special guest Christopher Gates. We go live at 6:30 CT on our YouTube channel. Besides coverage of every first round pick, we’ll be giving away a Justin Jefferson jersey and a few other sweet prizes, and this is your last week to enter. So come for the analysis and dumb jokes, and stay for the sweet swag.

This week on VR:

TV Show tribute: The Six Million Dollar Man...who would cost about $35 million today. That’s the cost of a certain quarterback. Hmmmmmmmm......

Jersey Segment: Robert Griffith. A good safety who stands out for me for the wrong reason. Thankfully, Drew remembers him more fondly.

Vikings and NFL News: None this week, we focus on the upcoming draft, so we roll right into our...

Position Group Review: We wrap up our position group review with safety. There’sa good Star Trek joke in here, and I commit the cardinal sci-fi sin of mixing a Star Wars and Star Trek analogy. God Forgive me...

Shout out to Drew for his draft prospects review every week. He brought the info on the top guys, and guys that might interest the Vikings in middle to late rounds. Heck of a job Drewster!

Mock Draft One Point Only: We dive into the mock draft pool with our only mock draft of the off-season. You’re welcome. Drew, Toonces, and I leapfrog to get to the Vikings pick, and discuss who we would like the Vikings to pick, and what we think they will do.

Trivia: It’s head to head in a Wheel of Fortune-style trivia, and it’s a ton of fun!

Again, thanks so much to everyone. I know we sound like a broken record on this, but any success we’ve had is because you’ve all watched, subscribed, commented, and sent us your questions. We’re at 3,200 subscribers already, and I can’t even put into words how blown away we are with all the support we’ve gotten so far.

We’ve started a Patreon account, where you can get access to some behind the scenes stuff, show out takes that don’t make the final cut (Liz and Toonces have to take about 90 minutes and cut it in half every week), and early access to the show. We aren’t going to pocket any money we get from Patreon; it will go right back into the show to fund things like our Jefferson jersey giveaway and other future prizes. If you’d like check out the link and help us keep growing the show, go here:

Vikings Report Patreon Account

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Sit back and enjoy the show, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and ring the bell on our YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone!