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Report: Vikings looking to potentially trade up for a tackle

If one falls, that is

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

With the start of the 2021 NFL Draft about 72 hours away, we are likely going to start seeing the rumors fly with increased speed. While most of us assume that the Minnesota Vikings are going to make every effort to trade down when things get underway on Thursday. . .because, you know, Rick Spielman. . .at least one well-placed source is suggesting that the Vikings might be interested in moving the other direction.

According to Close, Personal Friend of The Daily Norseman Tom Pelissero™ at, the Vikings could potentially be in the mood to trade up on Thursday night if one of the top offensive tackles starts to fall in their direction.

The Minnesota Vikings, who pick at No. 14, could try to jump up if one of the top offensive tackles begins to slide into range. In search of a long-term solution at offensive tackle, if Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater slide a tad, GM Rick Spielman could cash in some of his chips to move up.

In one respect, this makes quite a bit of sense. With the signings that they’ve made this offseason to shore up the defense, the offensive line is once again. . .at least in my opinion. . .the primary weakness on this roster. Getting a player like Sewell or Slater if they start to drop a bit would help to solidify things a lot.

On the other hand, let’s take a look at what it might take for the Vikings to move up, according to this updated Trade Value Chart from the folks at DraftTek.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the targeted trade position for the Vikings to get the tackle they want is Carolina at #8, since I don’t think the Detroit Lions at #7 would be super willing to help the Vikings get a player they’re targeting. The #8 pick, according to the chart, is worth 1400 “points.” The Vikings’ pick at #14 is worth 1100. That means that the Vikings would have to make up 300 points worth of value to make this a fair trade for Carolina.

The Vikings’ two third rounders, combined, are worth a total of 340 points. . .200 for pick #78 and 140 for pick #90. I’m sure that Carolina would accept that trade, but it would leave the Vikings without a selection after their pick at #8 until we hit Day 3 of the draft and the Vikings would be on the clock again at #119.

Minnesota already burned their second-round pick for six games of Yannick Ngakoue, and as a result have no picks between #14 and #78. That’s a long gap, and while a tackle like Sewell or Slater would fill a huge hole, the Vikings have other holes to fill as well. Not having any picks until the third day of the draft would not be a good way to help fix that.

I’m not trying to imply that the reports aren’t accurate. But, given the way the Vikings’ draft selections currently look, I would be absolutely stunned if they traded up in the first round rather than standing pat or trading back.

What say you, folks?