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2021 NFL Draft Trades: Minnesota Vikings make trade with New York Jets

Trader Rick does it again

Rather than make a pick at #14 in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings have decided to trade out of their spot with a team from the AFC East.

The Vikings have traded the 14th overall pick to the New York Jets.

In exchange, the Vikings have received the Jets’ first-round pick (#23 overall) and two third-round picks (#66 and #86 overall). The Jets will also receive pick #143 (fifth-round) from the Vikings.

The Vikings made this move with several very good offensive linemen on the board, which most of us would think was the greatest need on this roster. Maybe the Vikings think that those offensive linemen are still going to be there when they get on the board at #23.

So now the Vikings have four. . .yes, four. . .selections in the third round of this year’s draft. We’ll have to see what the Vikings are going to do with those selections.