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Vikings Report With Drew and Ted, Episode 14

Jared Allen, defensive end review, trivia, and more!

Hi everyone. First off, sincere apologies for falling behind on this. I’ll try and do better about posting a show link every week. VR has been really doing well, and I want to thank you all for your support. This week:

Jersey Segment: Jared Allen is our Jersey Of The Week, and so is his mullet. SPeaking of mullets, if you head over to our show page you can vote on who had the better one: Allen, Drew, or me in high school:

Cast your vote in the Greatest Mullet poll!

Vikings and NFL News: We talked about the three big moves from last week: The Mason Cole trade, and the signings of Old Friend Mac Alexander and Xavier Woods. In NFL news, we talked about the big draft pick trade that re-shuffled the top of the draft, and how that might affect the Vikings.

Position Group Review: We talk defensive ends, and Drew has a lot of great info about two of the guys that have been mocked to the Vikings the most, Kwity Paye and Greg Rousseau.

Trivia: Drew and Ted take on the field in trivia, as we attempt to answer some great questions provided by our viewers and listeners.

Drew, Toonces, Producer Liz, and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough. In three months we’ve eclipsed 2,700 subscribers on You Tube, and the comments keep growing each week. Don’t forget to register for the Justin Jefferson jersey giveaway we’re doing on Thursday, April 29th, during our live draft show on our YT channel, and yes, Fearless Leader himself, Mr. Chris Gates, will be our special guest that evening. We’ll also have a few other giveaways and a draft contest between us three and the field, too.

We’ve started a Patreon account, where you can get access to some behind the scenes stuff, show out takes that don’t make the final cut (Liz and Toonces have to take about 90 minutes and cut it in half every week), and early access to the show. We aren’t going to pocket any money we get from Patreon; it will go right back into the show to fund things like our Jefferson jersey giveaway and other future prizes. If you’d like check out the link and help us keep growing the show, go here:

Vikings Report Patreon Account

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Sit back and enjoy the show, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and ring the bell on our YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone!

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