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Minnesota Vikings 2021 Undrafted Free Agent Signing Tracker

News, rumors, innuendo, and so forth

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Draft is officially in the books, and now comes the post-draft frenzy where all 32 NFL teams get into a mad rush to sign the guys that were not drafted over the course of the past few days but that they’d really like to have on their 90-man roster.

I want to make something clear about our UDFA tracker here. None of the UDFA signings can become official until tomorrow. What we’re doing here is collecting news and rumors from various sources. . .be they media members, coaches, or even the players themselves. . .to keep all of you up to date on who the team is going to be bringing in to fill out the rest of the spots on the roster. So, if it turns out that we were wrong on one or two of these. . .well, we were wrong. It happens.

Unless I’ve counted wrong, with their 11 draft picks in the fold the Vikings’ roster sits at 73 players. That means there are 17 spots on the 90-man roster that could potentially be filled. I’m guessing the Vikings will fill the majority of those spots over the weekend and leave a couple of spots open for potential tryout players.

So, we will try to keep this updated as much as possible. If you want to talk about the UDFA rumors and/or cheerlead for guys that you’d like to see the Minnesota Vikings sign, then feel free to do so right here. Updates will be below the horizontal line.

East Carolina WR Blake Proehl, son of long-time NFL veteran Ricky Proehl, is signing with the Vikings, via Tom Pelissero.

Kentucky RB A.J. Rose is signing with the Vikings, per. . .himself.

Alabama-Birmingham WR Myron Mitchell is signing with the Vikings, also per himself.

Darren Wolfson of KSTP is reporting that the Vikings will be signing Memphis kicker Riley Patterson to compete with Greg Joseph.

Indiana WR Whop Philyor will be signing with the Vikings, per Pelissero.

Ohio State LB Tuf Borland will be signing with the Vikings, per Pelissero.

Cal DE Zeandae Johnson, a teammate of Vikings’ fourth-round pick Camryn Bynum, is coming to join him in Minnesota, per himself.

Idaho DE/LB Christian Elliss, the son of former Detroit Lions’ defensive lineman Luther Elliss, is apparently signing with the Vikings as well.

Per Aaron Wilson, the Vikings are signing San Diego State long snapper Turner Bernard.

Oregon defensive tackle Jordon Scott is indicating that he is coming to Minnesota as well.