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The Daily Norseman Mailbag

Post Draft Frenzy Mailbag

Inside The Dutch Mail Group PostNL Sorting Office

You have questions, I have answers....a wrong answer is still an answer.

Good Morning!

The big news since our last mailbag was THE DRAFT! What a great weekend of fun and camaradarie, if you haven’t guessed I really like the draft.

Now that the draft is over we’ll have rookie minicamp followed by mandatory minicamp.

Who was your favorite pick in this year’s draft? I’ll put mine in the comments when I post the mailbag.

I’m expecting a short run of free agency prior to mandatory mincamp, what positions or players out there should the Vikings look at to sign?

Speaking of camp, from a tweet Monday by the NFLPA President JC Tretter made clear the unions position is about changing the offseason model, not just a reflection of the Covid pandemic. I have my own thoughts and opinion on minicamps etc, what are yours?

Since we received one question via Twitter we’ll continue with Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, and you have a question about the Vikings, the draft, fantasy football, or life in general, tweet us a question with #DailyNorsemanmail somewhere in the tweet or you can dm me on Twitter (Rob@DN1). If you do, please let me know what your username at The Daily Norseman is unless I already know it. You can also leave your question as a mention in either Twitter account.

Preferably, you can leave a comment in this post, I’ll revisit it later in the week.

If you’re like me and hate social media, shoot me an email....dailynorsemanmail at gmail dot com (the period and @ is removed to prevent harvesting by bots). I changed it from my personal email, I’m already getting enough spam there. If you previously used my email change your bookmarks, please and thank you.

My plan is to get this to get this pulled together Wednesday and have it scheduled to post Thursday mid-morning.

This might get delayed a day as I’m traveling to Georgia this week, but I’ll try my best to post it Thursday morning.