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Lake Minnetonka cruise with former Vikings postponed

We wish this was a headline from 16 years ago

BRUCE BISPING • Lake Minnetonka, MN., Friday, 7/24/2009] Boaters gathered at the big screen set up on Big Island for the annual boat-in-theatre sponsored by Marine Max. Many in the Brainerd Lakes area are concerned that they Photo by Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune via Getty Images

If you’ve been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings for any length of time. . .even going back to the dark, dark days before this website went live. . .a combination of the words “Vikings,” “Lake Minnetonka,” and “boat cruise” is probably enough to make your eye start to twitch a little bit. There’s a good reason for that.

We experienced this when the announcement came across that some former Vikings, including Robert Griffith, Bryant McKinnie, and Byron Chamberlain, were planning on doing exactly that this summer in an effort to raise money for Griffith’s charity, which provides college scholarships to underprivileged high school seniors.

No members of the current Vikings’ roster. . .at least to our knowledge. . .were involved with the cruise in any way. Now, the cruise has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict, according to Bring Me the News.

Tickets for the cruise were being sold for $125 and were set to increase to $150 today. While the cruise is apparently going to happen at some point this summer, no new date has been given yet.

We aren’t going to rehash what happened with the original “Love Boat” here. If it’s something that you’re unfamiliar with, a quick Google search will help to fill you in. We didn’t get an opportunity to cover the whole thing, as it happened in 2005 and we didn’t come online until 2006, but it is one of those rare events that you actually wish social media had really been a thing for when it was occurring. Alas, rather than the “hot taeks” that would accompany such a thing today, we had to settle for message boards and mainstream media coverage instead.

Again, we’re just happy that no members of the current roster were slated to be a part of the festivities. I know that this was a charitable endeavor and everything, but given what history has taught us, the current team should probably stick to charity events that take place on dry land.