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NFL rescinding “one helmet” rule starting with 2022 season

A comeback for the throwbacks?

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

With all of the jerseys that the Minnesota Vikings have had in recent years, going back to the start of the Wilf family owning the team, their throwback uniforms are still pretty much universally loved. Unfortunately, the team has not been able to wear them since the NFL instituted its “one helmet” rule in 2013, nor have many other NFL teams.

On Thursday, however, the NFL announced that the “one helmet” rule would be going away after the 2021 season, opening the door for the Vikings and lots of other teams to bring back their throwback jerseys once again.

The logic behind the “one helmet” rule was that it would be safer for the players, as a helmet that they had worn all season would be a better fit than switching to helmets that hadn’t been fully broken in yet. I’m not sure what research has come down saying that this is no longer the case, but apparently it is not.

Teams will have to make a decision on whether or not they’re going to bring back a second helmet in 2022 by 31 July of this year. That means that, right around the time Training Camp gets underway, we can see an announcement from the Vikings that the throwback uniforms are coming back for the 2022 season.

Honestly, I’d like to see the Vikings be able to do something like that in conjunction with the team putting another player into their Ring of Honor in prime time. That would be a pretty nice touch.

Or, you know. . .they could just go back to the “throwback” uniforms full time. But I’m guessing that’s just crazy talk on my behalf.

Are you hoping the Vikings will bring back the throwbacks in 2022 when they’re allowed to? Which other “throwback” uniforms are you looking forward to seeing around the NFL?